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Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 119 - Severed Dreams

“Who am I? I am the right hand of vengeance. I am death incarnate, and the last living thing that you will ever see. God sent me.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Atlas
Greg (Fixer)——————————Catapult
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Thug
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

January 6th, 3026 : Petrópolis : As the aftermath of the local situation settles, the unit called in the “Relentless” for a drop in the western section of the compound, while Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” took over control of the “Aviso”. About an hour later, the Relentless dropped safely and * “The Iron Dingoes” Line troopers spread out in a frantic search for the purported nukes.

They managed to recover most of the relics from the cathedral without serious incident, and found the “hospital wing” to be lightly guarded, but the command sections under the palace were a tough nut to crack. Supported by an increasing number of troopers, the defenders finally fell, though it was assumed the commander of Petrópolis, Warlord Jorge Rafael Videla had fallen among the mess that had become the command center.

Quick interrogations of the handful of captives led the Dingoes to believe there had only ever been a handful of nukes, and all had been deployed by the Warlord’s forces. In point of fact, it was revealed the Aviso had been sent to resolve the issue, and bring their puppet to heal. When further interrogated, the crew of the Aviso revealed that they operated out of somewhere called “Black Ice”, something that hacking and examination of the ship’s logs by Captain Michael Anderson “Fixer” revealed to be a close orbital to Terramatrix, something totally missing from system navigational charts and records.

The unit’s techs from the Relentless spread out and within an hour had salvaged most of the wreckage and the vehicle bays. The unit also rummaged through the relics taken from the cathedral, and notably found the Sword of the Monarch among them. A discussion with the leader of the scientists under guard in the hospital wing, revealed them to be civilians, and an offer was extended to bring them and their dependents out of the city to The New Republic of Sangria; many accepted the offer, and boarding the Relentless, the unit lifted-off from Petrópolis, leaving the ruined fort behind.

January 7th : Once in orbit, the ships rendezvoused with “The Factory”, and off-loaded their civilians. A council was called, to discuss options. Eventually, the unit removed themselves from the Factory, and landed back at * Landhold : Garrison, off-loading their salvage and proceeding to complete repairs on their line Mechs.

Most of the captured jewels and treasures captured in the raid were given over to the Sangrian government, though no mention was made of the recovery of the Sword of the Monarch. Later that night, Presidente Antonio John Diaz issued a formal holo-net statement commending the Iron Dingoes for conducting the raid on behalf of The Commonwealth of Nations, and removing a dangerous criminal from power that threatened continual peace among the planet’s nations.

Meanwhile, the Dingoes activated * “The Werewolves” and two of their marine platoons; the 6th and the 26th platoons. The units boarded their two Orkan-Class Space Planes, with the Werewolves boarding their own specially equipped Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttle, the Lucky Strike. These units began a burn out to rendezvous with whatever Black Ice was, intending to circumvent its passive sensors by drifting towards the object while running quiet, before forcing a boarding operation. Their primary objective was to shut power down in engineering, before attempting to seize the object.

January 9th : Early in the morning, the unit boarded their traditional berths on the “Relentless”, and left for a standard burn to rendezvous with the object known as Black Ice. The trip took the better part of four days.

January 12th : As the group approached the co-ordinates, they received a snap-burst from their special forces, who reported they had taken the site. The DropShip approached the site, to reveal it as “Black Ice”, an unregistered asteroid in close orbit to Terramatrix every few decades, before swinging back out into the system again for a generation or so. The group cautiously approached the object, and carefully docked through the “throat” of the base, under the barrel of the Naval PPC. It went without event, and the unit’s techs spread throughout the facility, finding it mostly stripped, but still holding a sizable amount of infantry-related equipment, as well as a large cache of outdated tanks and other equipment. The prize, however, were one-hundred and eighty (180) HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Warheads, the source of all the troubles wracking Terramatrix. The techs began salvaging everything, and interrogation of the handful of tech staff present commenced, but revealed nothing new, other than reference to most of the cache’s materiel being shipped off to Phoenix Base", a site located somewhere deeper in the Periphery.

The unit, having accomplished what they had basically set out to do, left a handful of techs and marines to shut the facility down and place it in mothballs, and the rest of the unit took their salvage in hand and returned via the Relentless back home to Garrison.


The truth speaks for itself. I’m just the messenger.

Episode 119 - Severed Dreams

That’s not at all ominous.

Episode 119 - Severed Dreams

Not in the least… =P

Episode 119 - Severed Dreams

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