Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 121 - The Awareness of Rebellion

“The way I see it, when you put the uniform on, in effect you sign a contract. And you don’t back out of a contract merely because you’ve changed your mind. You can still speak up for your principles, you can still argue against the ones you’re being made to fight for, but in the end you do the job.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Bruce (Glamour)————————Phoenix Hawk LAM
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Battlemaster
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

20th of January, 3026 : The unit begins a discussion regarding raiding The Federative Republic of San Marcos and The Tragnar Confederation for its faltering industrial assets. In the end, they decide to dispatch Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” aboard the “Betty” as an interface, and “The Iron Vagabond” to “hire” some raiders from The Starlords – “The Brotherhood” to keep the unit above suspicion in regard to any industrial conquests. The assets of IGB Eletrônica and Fabral of San Marcos, and FAdeA of Tragnar are highlighted as targets.

That afternoon, the unit approaches The New Republic of Sangria regarding the Vampires who seem to have taken over the capital regions of Tragnar, through their attached liaison officer, Lt JG Yineth Trujillo. Believing the Vampires might be very similar to General Pierre Garza’s organization, Garza’s Legion, they suspect they might be able to reason with them.

The unit is reminded that the government is still officially at war with Tragnar, and this translates over to whomever may be claiming leadership within the nation’s government as well. The unit decides that they will take the matter into their own hands, and visit the Vampires personally t see if they can’t reason with Duke Hermanus Santiago and his Vampire Legion.

21st of January : Taking * “The Werewolves” and LtSG Trooper Shiv “The Knife” and a squad of his marines, the unit boarded “Crimson Sands”, and burned for a sub-orbital drop to the Tragnar capital of Greater Aires interstellar starport.

Captain Pol Baca “Templar” made first contact with the starport’s security detail, and convinced them to get a ride to the Palacio for him and the Werewolves. They spend the next hour slowly travelling through the crowds and various military check-points, taking in the chaos. Eventually they enter the Palacio, the former government house for the the National Government, finding it an armed camp, filled with militia and former soldiers of the Vampires. The Werewolves carefully gauged the facility and eventually were introduced to Duke Santiago himself, in the national commons chamber, now converted over to the military headquarters of the junta.

They eventually are escorted to speak with Santiago, though they are forced to remove their weapons. It quickly becomes apparent that he is not afraid of them, and he seems suspicious about them, having recognized whom * “The Iron Dingoes” are. He agrees to meet with Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, offering to throw a dinner in their honor later that evening. The Werewolves and Templar take their leave, and head back to the starport, informing the unit of the situation along the way.

Late that night, the unit’s senior officers visit the Palacio once more, leaving orders to have the unit drop on the capital if they disappear in an hour. They find the grand hall appropriately decked out in urban military chiche, Senior military officers from the various military units under Duke Santiago’s control were in attendance, along with musicians and dancers and plenty of other important local individuals. It quickly becomes apparent, that the local military are not Garza’s Legion.

The reminder comes as they realize the Vampire’s symbol is a white cross over the national badges they all wear; unlike Garza these men are not nationalists. They are rebuilding matters to suit them and their position, but they are not concerned with the nation, only how much power and control they can maintain. Furthermore, Duke Santiago has seen the unit’s approaching him as a sign of weakness on the Iron Dingoes part. From his perspective, they realize, he has something they want, and they owe him for the privilege of whatever they seek. They make small talk, and drink a little, but quickly excuse themselves from the “celebration” before it gets more “exotic”.

The unit returns to the drop-port, and boards the Crimson Sands, returning to Garrison. En route, they discuss options, and it becomes apparent that they had forgotten one thing regarding Tragnar, the force that calls itself “The Condottieri” had been sending agents around their landhold, so the group decided to talk to them and see where such talks might lead.

Landing back at * Landhold : Garrison, Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate” circulated around the town’s bars, starting at his own The Lucky Lady. He found the two agents, both junior officers who were visiting the bar. He met with them and discovered that the entire 21st Regiment and their dependents had evacuated themselves far from the capital and had disassociated with what they all agreed was no longer their nation. Finding transport and a safe haven was the hard part.

Advocate offered them the opportunity to be absorbed by the Dingoes. The entire unit, plus their dependents. He even has some pamphlets (in both Portuguese and Spanish), detailing the benefits of service in the Dingoes mercenary organization. The pair admitted it was a great offer, but they couldn’t speak for the unit as a whole, but arrangements could be made to speak with the 21st Regiment’s senior officers, including their commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Adolphus Mendoza. Advocate offered to meet with the man, assuring them he spoke for the unit’s Colonel, and that he would take both men directly to their encampment in Tragnar. The two were then left to discuss the matter by themselves.

22nd of January : Taking one of the units Line Force Recon squads as guards, the Command Council gathered at the Crimson Sands, and both liaison officers from the 21st Regiment were escorted to meet them there. The pair spoke with Lieutenant JG Dara Gideon “Flash”, giving her the camp’s co-ordinates, and marveling at the sudden burst into orbit, something neither officer had ever experienced. An hour alter, they found themselves in a distant frontier village of Tragnar. The entire unit, and their hundreds of dependents, had virtually taken over the local area, and the K-1 Class Dropshuttle was landed near a primitive landing strip built by the military for border patrols.

Several utility trucks arrived with a platoon of soldiers, but after talking with the liaison officers, the group found quick transport through the large refugee community of armed civilians and military billets to the command post of Colonel Mendoza. The meeting proceeded swiftly, with the Dingoes offering land to the unit’s dependents, and offers of employment to all troopers and techs at the regular rates of all their soldiers; a literal fortune to these men and their families. Colonel Mendoza was quickly convinced of the offer, but asked for a couple hours to gather his senior officers and discuss the offers with them. Granted three hours, the Dingoes officers left for their DropShuttle, while the unit met for the talks.

Two hours alter, they were informed that the majority had agreed in principle, and that the unit could begin to organize the evacuation of the unit via the Dingoes large DropShip fleet. Plans were laid-out and the unit saw a three-day series of lifts from the site to Corazón Airfield, where all these forces could be vetted and processed, and eventually the military forces retrained to follow Iron Dingoes standards and equipment. It was further agreed, that the unit would keep its internal cohesion for the time being, though platoon numbers would be re-designated, while they were being re-trained. The unit’s fleet was quickly marshaled, and they began plans for the next few days.

23rd of January : As evacuation operations began, * “The Werewolves” were activated to begin operations against the local criminal organization, The Highwaymen. Having heard nothing from its leadership, that evening, they slipped into the group’s ranch, and quickly assassinated him and a handful of his guards, leaving a Dingoes military patch in his mouth.

24th of January : A sales representative from Ares Wartronics visited the unit, offering sales information regarding its AN-94 Battle Rifles, Ares Pulse Fires and various vehicles in response to reports the Dingoes were going to be responsible for raising and training the proposed The Commonwealth Star Guards. The unit was friendly, and listened, but generally dismissed the idea, planning their own long-term developments.

25th of January : Late in the day, the landing and evacuation operations concluded, and the processing of the civilian and military evacuees began. Housing was something of a crisis, but there were plenty of supplies and the unit’s * Iron Dingoes Medical Corps were in attendance along with the unit’s spare * Fraternal Iron Dingoes Organization (FIDO) unit from Garrison. Processing was expected to take a couple days, and the exact lands to be given to the dependents were still under discussion.

26th of January : Sales reps from Armadyne Industries appeared, and alongside their lines of HK 416 Assault Rifles and HIEX Grenade NT-RU735s, LM Meteor and LRM-65 Maverick missiles, and their all-important Neurohelmet “Blueline”-Classs. The neuro-helmets were of obvious attraction to the unit, and they immediately ordered one-hundred (100) of the units), almost an entire year’s production of the valuable artifacts, since they were not generally available outside of Mech production facilities. It was intended that the regular pilots of the unit would all be re-equipped with them, and that it would become the unit’s standard in its Iron Dingoes Mechwarrior Field Kit (3020). They got a bargain for the units, ordering in bulk.

That evening, the Werewolves again struck against the leadership of The Highwaymen, assassinating the latest leader of the unit. They again left a Dingoes patch stuffed in his mouth.

27th of January : Representatives of The Republic of Buntar’s FAMAE organization approached the Dingoes, much like the other small arms manufacturers, to extol the virtues of their Taurus GTA Carbine, though its HIMART system was what primarily interested the Dingoes, particualrly in the light of its ability to stay with infantry formations, but remain at range of enemy forces, despite terrain. Deploying with Inferno rounds, it was seen as a very valuable addition to the Dingoes support forces, particularly against other infantry formations.

Rumors placed that there was a real shake-up among the leadership of the Highwaymen (gun-fights and brawling were rampant among the organization’s membership, throughout the day). That night, the Werewolves once more assassinated the sometime leader of the organization, and within hours, were contacted to meet with the newest leader at Poker Cerveza Taverna.

Pitbull met with the leader, who turned-out to be Surtar, the lieutenant of the organization who had met Templar at the gates of the ranch. He had one question for Pitbull; WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?”. Pitbull explained that the Highwaymen had to stop raiding Iron Dingoes caravans, and furthermore, anything within the unit’s own landholds. And second, they needed to start sharing their information network, since ti seemed quite capable within the local territory. They were informed they needed to keep the Iron Dingoes informed of anything untoward that happened among their lands, such as black market arms sales or anything else that was of value to their operations.

Surtar assured the Dingoes he would keep them informed, and that he was their loyal (and somewhat frightened) servant. They would cease all operations along any roads in Dingoes landholds, and anything bearing the Dingoes mark. In response, Pitbull assured them, that the Dingoes protected their allies, as well. He also asked about this third shadowy organization that was rumored to be based out of the capital. Surtar knew little enough, but knew that they dealt in illegal vehicle parts and black market small arms. Pitbull immediately knew who it was; Doctor Derek Varn, a man they had themselves dealt with in the past, and possibly one of the men behind the support of General Pierre Garza’s military armament over the last couple years.

28th of January : The unit was contacted by the government’s liaison officer Captain Carla Estrella, that they were requested for a high-profile meeting with government officials, ASAP. The unit’s command staff gathered on a couple of their line Karnov UR Transports and a couple squads of Line Force Recon, and flew directly to the capital building. From there, they were escorted directly into a meeting with Presidente Antonio John Diaz and the ambassador of The Oriental Republic of San Isabel.

Getting down quickly to business, the San Isabel ambassador proceeded to explain that while it wasn’t largely known, the bandit forces in the northern districts of Highland and Rivera had recently been disavowed by Commandante Jorge Ernesto Vásquez, and had begun fighting among themselves over leadership, eventually forming around an unknown leader, who had united the survivors to gather and march across the northern regions seemingly bent on establishing themselves somewhere, possibly Lake Aurin, and beginning a reign of terror on the northern provinces.

He accepted on behalf of the government of San Isabel the proposal regarding the formation of The Commonwealth Star Guards, including establishing a landhold in the northern provinces (likely Lake Aurin and the nearby community of Aurin Village itself) for the raising and training of a national battalion for the defense of the nation. In exchange, the Iron Dingoes had to remove the threat of this bandit force, thus freeing the local military from its inaction. It seemed the force had formed a caravan of infantry and its various artillery and armor, seemingly marching towards Lake Aurin.

The Command Council examined the best maps available, and planned a quick strike on the force while it was on the move along the border, and its only river crossing. The unit was informed to be boarded within the hour, and the Dingoes excused themselves to return to prepare. A battle was about to begin…



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