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Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 22 - Reversal of Fortune

"The raid on Goldberg had accomplished all our objectives; but wrung-out and with battle-damage across the board, we weren't expecting as warm a welcome as we were about to receive in Hebron..."

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————-Phoenix Hawk
Dana (Voice)——————————Hunchback
Bruce (Glamour)————————Phoenix Hawk
JP (Pitbull) ——————————-Black Knight
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Crab
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Griffin

Returning to Hebron, the Iron Dingoes stumbled into the town barely ahead of their pursuers.

The two incoming Mech lances landed just about 1km to the south of the town, dropped their descent pods and moved onto the field. A pair of Saladins guarding a Maxim and a PEgasus all moved into range just south of the refinery, while a lance of four J. Edgar Light Tanks swiftly moved into position further south-west. The hover mechanized infantry started a raid into the north-west part of town, but quickly ran into the massed pickets of the Iron Dingoes Militia forces, and the company of local security militia, and were stopped cold.

Facing them were the hastily recovered troopers from the “Strike the Head” raid; Paladin leading Ravenheart, Stargun and Slayer; Pitbull in charge of Fixer, Advocate and Parish; and Voice leading Glamour, Boom-Boom, and Wraith. Having had time to call in reinforcements, the “Rabbit-Puncher” Armor Lance from Cerberus Command managed to make the trip from Citadel and arrayed themselves in the center of the town, just south-west of the refinery. All other support forces were left to the defense of their DropShips, lest this be only a feint to draw them away.

When the enemy Mechs entered the open plains south of the refinery, they began a series of ECM pulses that blinded communications outside the local area, cutting the Dingoes off from access to their Mobile Command Post, and also their Intelsat “Predator’s Eye”. The “Shrieking Reapers” had arrived, using their namesake ability to blind local comms to level the field. Their forces consisted of an “Assault Lance”; Battlemaster, Ostsol, Thunderbolt and Zeus; and a “Striker Lance”, consisting of a Griffin, Shadow Hawk, Valkyrie and a Mongoose. Arrayed with the Striker Lance in the center, and the Assault Lance in the far corner, they began to advance under their ECM umbrella.

In the distance, about 2kms away, a Union-Class DropShip, identified later as the “Reaper’s Scythe”, landed, awaiting the return of its MEchs from this coming raid.

At first, typical scattered fire arched across the field, though one of the Saracens took a pair of devastating PPC shots, tearing into its skirts and slowing it enough to begin a careful withdrawl. Glamour lept behind the leading Mongoose, but took a PPC shot and scattered Medium Lasers, knocking her over and onto the ground.

The support armor lance “Rabbit-Punchers” opened fire on the Griffin as it approached the refinery, but had no results. The J. Edgars also took some fire, and they responded by closing rapidly across the plains to arrow into the town and the cluster of light Mechs from Paladin’s Lance, attacking Stargun’s Jenner, and doing more damage to its already taxed systems. The unit responded by declaring “Dingo Pack Tactics”, and physically tearing apart one of the J. Edgars.

As the Striker Lance moved past the fallen Glamour, she scrambled her Phoenix Hawk up and ran towards the Shadow Hawk, hitting it once in the head with a Medium Laser. The “Rabbit-Punchers” also opened fire on the S. Hawk, but did limited damage. As a follow-up, Glamour kicked the S. Hawk’s head off in a glorious three point field-goal… One of the Shrieking Reapers was down.

Stargun took more damage from the massed J. Edgars, and fled back down the first street he could, away from combat. As he ran down the street, he tripped and skidded a ways, breaking apart his already fragile armor. The Mongoose, leading the Striker Lance in its approach towards the refinery, took more withering fire from Pitbull’s unit, but managed to make the relative safety of the far side of the refinery. Wraith, holding the trees behind the facility opened-up, and the Mongoose took head and serious critical damage to its engines, before finally having a leg torn off and collapsing against the building.

The Assault Lance moved forward, carefully navigating the hills until they reached the edge of the refinery, taking random shots at the building, inter-mixed with shots at other Mechs as they made themselves visible. The Saracen/Maxim/Pegasus Lance managed to enter the refinery compound, and began concentrating fire on the armored flanks of the refinery. The Battlemaster became enemy number one, as its ranged shots and amazing piloting skills marked it as being piloted by an Elite pilot. It took scattered fire, at first, but as Pitbulls’ and Voice’s lances closed, came under repeated shots. Even the “Rabbit-Punchers” got in a couple good shots on it.

The remaining J. Edgars fired on Ravenheart, but the two were pinned closely by Paladin’s lance, and they tore the pair apart piece-by-piece, immobilizing both. The remaining J. Edgar limped after Boom-Boom as he retreated, but also suffered a serious critical kick before doing scattered damage to his Mech and being knocked immobile.

Boom-Boom, suffering nearly catastrophic damage, limped past the smoldering ruins of the three J. Edgars that made it to the city, and found a nice quiet corner to wait for the fight to end. Stargun, also in a critical situation, followed suit. Pitbull, Advocate, Glamour, Voice and the “Rabbit-Punchers” fired everything they had on the Battlemaster, as he covered the rest of the Shreiking Reapers to reach the stone and tree woodlands south of the refinery. The Saracen/Maxim/Pegasus unit skipped around behind the refinery, opening everything they had on its north face. The Ostsol, charging into the compound, joined the S/M/P lance, and opened fire on the refinery, but Wraith interrupted his attack, doing sufficient damage to distract its efforts.

The Ostsol, taking both a Gyro and enough damage to break apart one arm, was knocked over by a savage kick from Wraith, but it staggered up, still trying to withdraw from the fight. Closely followed by Wraith, taking critical damage, but refusing to let this quarry escape, Wraith savaged the OStsol over and over again, finally taking off a leg with his “…superior Mech-Fu skills…” and forcing the pilot to power-down. Fixer got in a couple good shots, one savaging the Battlemaster’s cockpit and shattering his pilot’s concentration.

The remaining Griffin and Valkyrie from the Striker Lance jumped into the northeast corner of the refinery grounds, sniping intermittently at the refinery supports and Wraith. The S/M/P lance repositioned themselves for a rapid retreat, but managed to damage one corner of the refinery sufficient to weaken its support structures and collapse that section. The Thunderbolt, Zeus, and Battlemaster moved south-east of the refinery, mostly concentrating fire on the building, Fixer and Pitbull. Pitbull and Voice, suffering severe heat issues struggled with their MEchs controls, with Voice failing and powering-down. The BAttlemaster, taking immense damage, struggled backwards, firing on Fixer’s savaged Crab, before taking a critical shot in response that blew the Battlemaster’s ammo bins apart, cracking the Mech into pieces; its pilot barely managed to struggle from the ruins with its escape pod, but was knocked unconscious in the exchange and easily captured after the fight (with four pilot hits…).

With the fall of the Battlemaster, the remaining Mechs fired everything they had on the refinery, doing severe damage and collapsing various sections as they pulled-out. With the last of the refinery structure in tatters, the Zeus was able to knock it down, and immediately declared they would not fire on anyone if they were allowed to leave the battlefield unmolested. Wraith promptly agreed, backing away, guns up. VOice and Paladin quickly conferred and agreed “… let them go, we have salvage enough, and little need to risk ourselves further… we’ve lost the battle even though we are still winning the war…”. The remaining Mechs retreated east towards their Union-Class DropShip, a battered, if still intact lance. The Saracen/Maxim/Pegasus lance moved quickly at flank speed away from the fight, and circling around the DropShip slipped away quickly to the south.

The Iron Dingoes, looking forlornly at the ruins of the refinery, worried about reinforcements from the Union, and called-in their pair of AeroFighters to keep an eye on the Shrieking Reapers landing site. The pair did a quick fly-by and noticed nothing incoming. About 30 minutes later, the Union lifted-off, burning quickly for orbit, its crews and MEchs clawing their way through the local Aero-cordone to disappear among the stars… It was now time to take stock of their situation, and contemplate their recent Reversal of Fortune…


This was, without question, Wraiths best outing as a Mechwarrior. He is coming along… :)
Please ignore this same comment on the next page, which I can’t figure out how to delete. (how embarrassing)

Episode 22 - Reversal of Fortune

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