Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 39 - Silent Footfalls

"They always say it's most quiet before the storm..."

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
Bruce (Glamour)————————Phoenix Hawk
JP (Pitbull) ——————————-Ostsol
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Crab
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Thug
Dana (Voice) -—————————-Ostroc

April 11th, 3019 : Following the immediate repair work done on the unit’s Mechs, Charles Alder “The Voice” was involved in some sort of command conflict with Colonel Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”, and resigned from the unit, taking his personal HBK-4G-CAb Hunchback “Blazer-Class” with him. “Good luck suckers!” was the last thing he said to them, as he walked off towards Ciudad Garcia… In his absence, Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” took over the reins of the Unit S-6, and There was a little shuffling of positions and Mechs between Line and Reserve Units.

April 15th, 3019 : Repairs complete, a convoy of supplies arrived from the unit’s contact, bringing 50,00Cs in consumables, and promising another 50,000 Cs every month until the end of the contract. Furthermore, the officer in charge brought a dispatch offering the unit to pick-up their cadre’s allotment of Mechs and Tanks in a warehouse in Ciudad Garcia in the next couple days. Plans were made to bring all the salvage squads, all prime movers, a platoon of Line Infantry and the command lance of Mechs as an escort.

April 16th, 3019 : Word reached Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour” from her contact in the airfield outside the capital, that the “Nairobi”, a Frontier-Class Air Transport the unit suspected was supplying the rebels in the southern jungles, had arrived, and was down for maintenance for several days. Late that day, the Iron Dingoes made their way to the capital, the convoy heading to the warehouse in the Industrial Quarter, and Glamour taking Lieutenant SG Michael Anderson “Fixer” with her to the airfield.

The warehouse was lightly guarded and once they’d signed authority over, they opened it to reveal eight Scorpion Light Tanks and eight “Trooper”-Class FLE-15 FLE-4 Fleas for their militia trainees. Careful study revealed the Scorpions to be salvaged models, but the Flea were near factory mint… Rumors began that maybe the local industrialists were secretly hiding a Mech factory… It was determined it would take some time to get them active and loaded, so the unit prepared to spend the night in the warehouse.

Glamour and Fixer made contact with the head of the airfield, and after plying him with a 500C bribe, was able to wrangle a meeting with “Dangerous Dan”, the reputed pilot and owner of the Nairobi. Taking a squad as back-up, they wandered the local “techie” bars, buying round after round of drinks, and discovered that the Iron Dingoes had lost a great deal of respect among the locla “Loyalists” wiht their defeat of the Mech Stable – “The Hombres”, primarily because the stable had been ardently Pro-Sangrian. After numerous rounds, they were able to find little information regarding the Nairobi or her captain, prmarily since the vessel had its own air-crew. After an unsuccessful iformation gathering attempt, they retired for the night.

April 17th, 3019 : The convoy began its slow pace back to Garrison, taking their time to bring the militia equipment to their base. They had no unsavory encounters.

“Dangerous Dan” showed on time, and proved very gregarious, non-descript and friendly. He talked at length about his beloved air transport, relating how he’d gotten it straight from the Lyran Commonwealth, through some of his contacts. He refused to allow anyone access, however, hinting that there was nothing to see, since all he hauled were chickens, goats, foodstuffs and fuel to various communities along the borders of the district. Fixer, however, noticed that among the various supplies being loaded aboard the Nairobi were six large, one-ton tanks filled with a neon-green fluid. The containers were obviously self-contained storage units, and of a type he had never seen before…

During Dan’s conversation with Glamour, however, she let slip that she and her people were interested in the ship… a royal “We” as it were. Dan grew suspicious and Glamour covered herself by hinting she and her lover (looking to Fixer) were into kinky things and might be interested in starting a local “Mile-High Club”… He didn’t seem to buy the explanation completely, but quickly excused himself and let the pair meet back with their infantry squad and head back to Garrison. On the way back, it dawned on Fixer that the pair should have rigged a transponder or something to the VTOL, since they still didn’t know exactly where the southern rebels might be based beyond in the depths of the southern Corazon Jungle.

April 18th, 3019 : The financing for the unit’s sale of their Valkyrie and two SecurityMechs came through, and the Colonel Paladin traveled to the Banco National de Sangria in Ciudad Garcia. They arrived to find the entire lot was in local currency (Colons), and Advocate began negotiating to get half in C-Bills. He succeeded, which allowed the unit to meet their payroll with the local currency and not have a pile of useless cash left over at the end of their contract. They returned back to Garrison.

April 19th – May 2nd : Recruitment : The rest of the month was spent training and recruiting, resulting in only a single military squad to be recruited to the * “Garrison’s Own” – 4th Motorized Infantry Battalion, Sangrian Army. They reorganized the unit to incorporate the new equipment, and felt good about their fulfillment of the contract.

Also during this time, they recruited a new MechWarrior, Trooper Bodrick Thompson “Blaster”, wiht his own Warhammer. He had come to Ciudad Garcia, and had been seeking to compete in Salager’s Arena, but had found the Iron Dingoes had eliminated all his competition, so he came to them to find employment. They tested him and found him adequate, placing him in the Command Lance of the Line Mechs, where his PPCs were best suited and complimentary.

May 3rd, 3019 : “The Den Mother” arrived in the early hours, relating its findings in System – Cassandra, and all about “The Factory”. It also reported having salvaged a TIG-15 “Tigress” Close Patrol Craft (Gunship), at the expense of the last long-range shuttle in the unit’s inventory. They were required, due to fuel shortages, to take a slow trip back to Garrison, meaning both the Gunship and the Mark VII Landing Craft wouldn’t arrive at the planet until May 16th.

Later that morning, at 0600, Lieutenant SG Jessa Dajus-Marik reported to Paladin that there was a contact by a fly-over from the unit’s Aero patrols in the southern Corazon Jungle.

“Ten minutes ago, a surveillance flight in the hills south and west of Garrison picked-up a full spectrum signal identified as a lone scout Mech moving through a river valley along the border. Although suspicious, it might be nothing, however, it’s probably worth looking into with a full sensor and visual sweep. Just make sure we keep them in reasonable radio contact.”

The command lance “The Yes Men” from the * “The Dead Man’s Hand” was determined to be closest to the area on patrol, and Glamour quickly fired-up the unit’s reserve STG-A1 Stinger LAM, which she’d been itching to use, and after scrambling the Dead Man’s Hand’s AeroFighters, bounced into the area to support them.

They initially found a Vulcan Mech, which jumped back away from them into a rough, rocky area of the jungle along the river valley, and once the command lance was strung-out triggered its trap; five other Mechs activated, two near it in a deep pool of water and three others behind the unit in the river. The new unit’s were revealed to be a Whitworth, and a second Vulcan near the first Mech, and a Centurian, Quickdraw and a Victor behind them… it appeared Dominique “Domino” Harvey had made her move…

The Iron Dingoes Mechs realized they were out-matched and flat-footed, and called in a general retreat. As Senior Trooper Patrick Clooney “Shredder” tried to get out of the area near the three larger Mechs, he took a hyper-accurate blow from all its weapons, that tore off his primary weapon arm, and crippled his gyro, knocking him over. Glamour immediately promised the unit would leave the field, and allow Domino salvage of the STN-3L Sentinel if they could reetrieved their warrior… Domino gloatingly agreed, and the unit fled the field, with Shredder being picked-up by his brother… It was a sharp lesson to learn, that Domino was a very good pilot with allies…

May 4th, 3019 : The unit decided to contact their employer contact, Mr. Hernandez, to see if he could identify who Domino might be working for. Advocate, seeing a personal interest in Domino, also started digging into her purposes.

Pitbull managed to make contact with a representative of the Von Lord government, and requested a trade of the unit’s “lemon” JumpShip, The Starlight Seduction, the nation-state’s pair of “destroyed” Merchant-Class JumpShips they had in orbital mothballs. In principle, it was agreed, though they demanded access to the Invader to assess it before turning the two hulks over to the Iron Dingoes. The unit had plans to salvage both and assemble a single undamaged Merchant-Class JumpShip, “The Name Still Pending”. Initial reports stated the big problem with both hulks was their Jump Field Initiators. It was believed the unit could gain possession of the hulks in about three week’s time, if all else proved well. In addition, the unit were able to gain a couple LR shuttles in addition to some needed parts.



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