Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 41 - The Paradigm Shift

"When the invasion occured, no one expected our past to come back and haunt us... well, okay, maybe we kinda expected it..."

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
Bruce (Glamour)————————Phoenix Hawk
JP (Pitbull) ——————————-Ostsol
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Crab
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Thug
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Chris (-) -———————————-(Unassigned)

May 7th, 3019 : The return of the salvage crews from the southern border raid, along with “Veruca’s Visigoths” Lance from the * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, brought relief to the Iron Dingoes. They had managed to chase away the raiders and capture both Mech pilots and some infantry. The damaged Mechs immediately went into the “Dingoes’ Den” repair bays, and the techs began their work.

Communications, however, quickly became an issue, as units in the field were increasingly difficult to contact, except for the handful of satellite-capable communications machines in the Dingoes service. They became very reliant upon their Intelsat “Predator’s Eye” to keep in contact and plan their activities.

Colonel Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” began the day by flipping through his reports, and noticed something odd. Apparently, two of the Militia troops (4th and 5th Militia) from their reserves had gone on patrol, and had orders to take the unit’s pair of Goblin Infantry Support Tanks with them. This seemed irregular, so he looked closer and discovered that the orders had been signed-off by “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice”! Since he had left the unit over a month ago, this needed closer examination, so he contacted Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” as head of security, and asked him to deal with it. As the next few hours passed, it became apparent everyone had forgotten to remove his authority for orders and signing… Pitbull immediately began ensuring his authority was no longer accepted, and quickly organized some of the garrison units to begin searching for the two renegade Militia Platoons.

Meanwhile, Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith” and LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” had planned a day-trip to Ciudad Garcia to search for some of the supplies and equipment they wanted to acquire. In particular, they wanted to investigate the rumored “Terramatrix Industrial Salvage”, and see if they had anything the unit could use. They’d been on-planet for more than a year and were just now investigating this source of potential parts and equipment…

Taking one of the Line Platoons, along with their Karnov UR Transport, the pair travelled to the starport, and after checking-in with the unit’s stationed there, unloaded their transport Air Skimmer “Vulture”, and headed into the Industrial Quarter. Arriving at the complex, they found it labelled “Terramatrix Industrial Salvage Plant #1”, making everyone wonder if there were more of them someplace… They asked the low-key guards for access, but lacking the “…proper parers…”, they were denied. They contacted their employer via satellite, but found he was busy trying to secure his facilities against potential invasion. Careful examination of the facility determined it to be some sort of Mech repair facility, but even more importantly, it appeared to be a rebuilt Star League era BattleMech Repair Facility

Deciding they needed to get permission from the Governor (Advocate : “Didn’t someone insult him when we first made landfall?”, Wraith : “That was me… You better talk to him…”), they travelled to the Presidio, and spent a couple hours working their way through the bureaucracy to find the appropriate secretary who sets Governor Ferdinand Dominica agenda. They eventually found he too was “busy”, dealing with the impending invasion, and didn’t have time for the mercs. The pair then decided that this salvage yard everyone kept referring to was their next stop, and headed back inot the Industrial Quarter, and quickly found the “Ciudad Garcia Salvage Market”, a large industrial complex strewn with various vehicles, debris and other war salvage that the unit could easily purchase. Not exactly what they were hoping for, but something. It took them the rest of the day to pick through the facility, before they headed back to the starport, with a list of potential new vehicles and equipment. Wraith decided he needed to find similar facilities in the nearby nations when he had more time…

As night began to fall, an odd coded communique came from the starport through the satellite to Garrison. Lieutenant SG Jessa Dajus-Marik had the intelligence crew start working on the code, and early annalysis determined it to sound like a fire-fight aboard the command bridge of one of the unit’s DropShips at the starport. Soon thereafter, communique came from “Pandora’s Box”, which reported a lot of infantry moving around the outside of the “Stone Dog”. They also reported a handful of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”s Mechs were assuming defensive positions around the DropShip, too. Then the fusion engines seemed to be warming-up and going on-line…. the ship was prepping for lift-off in about 30 minutes…

Though communications were spotty, they managed to contact the patrol lance, “The Yes Men”, and only understood a little of the conversation. He seemed to agree with returning to the starport to investigate, but mentioned “…Cie! Cie! No Malice! We go!”. Gathering the local defensive forces loyal to the unit along the way, the “loyalists” consisted of “The Wild Bunch” Lance of The Dead Man’s Hand, minus X – Kren Toth “Malice” – Deceased, whose Mech had returned to the Stone Dog for repairs to its gyro… falsely, apparently. In addition, the unit called upon the 1st and 6th Marines Platoons from Cerberus Command, stationed aboard the “Star Talon”, and the two perimeter security units; the “Danger Girls”, the “Black Fire Brigade”, and the “Salvage Squad”, from the armor reserves. Wraith and Advocate, still in-transit aboard the Karnov were diverted to rendezvous with the marines, and Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour” had taken the reserve STG-A1 Stinger LAM to take command over the assaulting Mechs.

As the unit approached, they were able to relay communications through Pandora’s Box, and keep in contact with HQ. They were informed of the traitors consisting of Malice in his Dervish, Jakob Wiebe “Boom-Boom” in his Jenner, Deralzen Hetaxis “NKB in his Wolverine, and were lead by their old friend, “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice” in his Hunchback. Supporting them were the two Militias (the 4th and 5th) dug-in around the Stone Dog’s landing gear in squads, along with the two missing Goblin Support Tanks. The traitoress X – Sitara Hewitt – Deceased led her platoon aboard the DropShip, keeping the crews working at prepping her for lift-off.

Approaching from the south, the Dingoes quickly crossed to the edge of the airfield. Glamour swiftly flew across the northern part of the airfield, and menaced the landed DropShips from the north. The defenders carefully slipped between the two loyal DropShips, Pandora’s Box and _ Star Talon_, setting-up a defensive position.

The Security Infantry dangerously perched aboard their single Hover APCs, swung north and avoided contact for now, taking position behind Glamour, while the marines moved slowly positioning for their own action. The Archer and Dervish started dueling with LRMs, and all forces from the traitors called primary on the Archer.

Voice in his Hunchback hit the Archer twice in the head with lasers, and completely destroyed its sensors, neutralizing its offensive abilities. The Dervish managed some fire as well, taking scattered fire from the Vedettes and Phoenix Hawk, and closed rapidly with the Archer. The Phoenix Hawk tried a kick, failed, and fell over, damaging itself. One Goblin tank took a lucky shot, immobilizing its turret facing forward.

Voice demanded the surrender of the Archer, but it failed to repsond, leading to the Dervish jumping behind it and opening on its rear. Pockets in his Ostscout _"Chewing his Bone", smashed through the RT of the Dervish, igniting its ammo and blowing the Mech apart, killing Malice in the conflagration. The Voice tore into the near stationary Phoenix Hawk, blowing through its RL armor with a combined kick and weapons-fire, destroying its Hip Actuator, and once again knocking it over onto the ground. The tanks fired at the Wolverine with some scattered fire. Glamour closed with the two Goblin tanks, and did some tread damage.

Nearly a minute into the brawl, the sudden loss of the Dervish forced the defending traitors began a retreat back towards the Stone Dog. The Archer salvaged a Dervish limb, and began moving slowly forward to engage and protect his brother in the Phoenix Hawk. The Phoenix Hawk again failed to stand, and took scattered fire. The APCs in the north managed to reach the safety behind a patch of woodlands, making themselves impossible targets, while Glamour used her Stinger LAM to destroy one Goblin tank’s engine, removing it from the fight.

In a mad dash, the hover APCs skipped into a blind zone behind the Star Talon, and began deploying its troops under the landing gear. The Phoenix Hawk again tried to stand, failed, and fell over, this time powering-down and removing itself from the fight. The second Goblin, damaged, and with its turret jammed, took another hit, stunning the crew and forcing it to be abandoned.

A minute into the fight, the three defending Mechs were backing into the area around the Stone Dog, with the Wolverine using the only anti-infantry weapon they had, an SRM-6, to scatter fire at the deploying infantry while the APCs retreated. Scattered fire was exchanged for about 30 seconds, but the approach of the armor lance, the two Security infantry platoons, along with the casual approach of the two Marine platoons and remaining three Loyalist Mechs, made the traitors recognize they couldn’t hold the doors from a baording attempt. Vocie called a retreat into the city, saying “…sorry Sitara, I can’t hold them,…. Good Luck!”, and the Jenner, Wolverine and Hunchback pulled off the field. Using their flamers and MGs, the Loyalist forces tore apart three of the Militia squads before they retreated into the Stone DOg, and shut the main bays.

The Loyalists gathered around the DropShip, deployed their Marines, and using the Security platoons as back-up forced their way inside. Ten minutes later, the combined company of troopers overwhelmed the two platoons of traitor defenders, and as they breached the command bridge, Sitara shot herself with an quietly-uttered Hindi prayer. The Stone Dog was saved, and the field was the Dingoes!

Casualties had been light, though the Phoenix Hawk had taken brutal damage, both Goblins were down for a while, and the Security and Marines had lost about a squad combined, the strength of their armor proving itself. All prisoners aboard the Stone Dog were summarily shot by their former companions, in an action led by Senior Trooper Shiv. Immediately, the survivors were reorganized into short lances, while the Mechs under-went repairs aboard the Stone Dog. Rocket and Solitaire were proved to have remained loyal, and were placed into custody by the traitors when they took the ship. The crew of the Stone Dog had managed to delay the departure of the DropShip to the best of their ability, and survived the assault. By the morning, the ship was back in operational condition, and the repairs were under-way.

May 8th, 3019 : Pitbull and Glamour both agreed the Predator’s Eye had been compromised, since Voice had, himself once put the machine in operation, so the decision was made to shut it down and retrieve it from orbit for a full re-programming. The rest of the day was spent in repairs, and the decision was further made by Paladin to recombine all the Iron Dingoes assets at Garrison, so the remaining DropShips at the starport launched for a sub-orbital drop back near their companions at the rally point.

The unit spent the day in silence, and while stewing, Pitbull called for a triple-Bloodmark on the heads of the three traitor MechWarriors. It was a day for contemplation, while they waited for the other boots to fall…



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