Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 43 - Endrun

"At last we could put a face on our enemy, and answer the question about why everyone was trying to steal our eggs..."

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
JP (Pitbull) ——————————-Ostsol
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Crab
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Thug
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Chris (Owen) -—————————-Panther

May 9th, 3019, Late Evening : Leaving their salvage teams and various forces behind, the survivors of both “Unit 1” and “Unit 2” moved to consolidate and head into the city. Consisting of the entier Line BattleMech Units _"The Dire Dingoes" from * “The Iron Dingoes”, and supported by “Veruca’s Visigoths” Lance from * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, the Mechs moved across the plains south of Ciudad Garcia, passing the remnants of a hasty defensive action by various military forces from the Sangrian Government. Air Cavalry Jets VTOLs were strewn here and there, and evidence of the invader’s combat against some of the other small mercenary units hired to defend the city were found.

Entering the city, the unit spread-out and moved with deliberation against the handful of Mechs that had escaped them earlier, who were arrayed to slow-down the Dingoes in their approach to the Factory. Most of the Dingoes Mechs were damaged in one fashion or another, but mostly still viable.

The invading defenders consisted of a Shadow Hawk, a Rifleman, a Thunderbolt, a Longbow, a Kintaro, and a pair of Vedettes, dug-in behind a makeshift barrier. Positioned in a fountain square directly in their route, the Dingoes advanced carefully, trying to avoid the sniping ability of their foes.

Eventually, Trooper Bodrick Thompson “Blaster” was forced to move directly towards the group, and began taking scattered fire. He was soon joined by several others, and Blaster managed to get a lucky headshot against the Rifleman, tearing it apart (damaged from an earlier fight), killing the pilot and taking a kill.

Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” moved to out-flank and isolate the unit, while “The Hammers” hit them from the front, but was “jumped” by a damaged Vulcan from behind a series of buildings. It lacked a left arm, marking it as the one met earlier by “Unit 2”. It and Pitbull exchanged fire, forcing it to flee. The call went out to have the flanking Crab of Lieutenant SG Michael Anderson “Fixer” pay attention, in case the other missing Vulcan jump him along the roadway. Sure enough, one appeared, leaping into the highway, making a break for the growing melee south of the square.

Following along, Trooper Faith Whinyates slipped at an intersection, sliding into a building. The Thunderbolt and Longbow continued to lay down fire against the Thug and Warhammer along the highway, and in turn the Thunderbolt took massive damage. Trooper Paul Wang used his Falcon to good effect, sniping off the left leg of the Shadow Hawk, and knocking it down. The melee in the woods south of the square was brutal on both sides. The Thunderbolt received a stunning kick from Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour” in her Phoenix Hawk, that tore through both the Thunderbolt’s left leg and left torso, to shatter its ammo bin and set-off an explosion that tore the Mech apart. One of the Vedette’s sniped the head of Stuart’s Wolverine, but didn’t do serious damage.

Now almost a minute into the brawl, the slower unit’s had caught-up, allowing both Pitbull and Fixer to flank the battle. Fixer headshot the Longbow, and SeniorTrooper “Veruca” Louise Salt overwhelmed the armor on the Longbow, striking-off its ammo bins, which despite being nearly depleted, still gutted the core of the Mech, blowing it apart. Glamour over-rode her target, changing from the Longbow to the closest Vulcan. In turn, the Kintaro being over-run and out-numbered, managed to get in a couple criticals on the battered Ostroc of Stuart. Fixer kicked a Vedette, shattering it to pieces.

Battered and smoking, the surviving Mechs in the square surrendered. Leaving Joker, Priest and Veruca behind to cover the salvageable Rifleman and wounded Shadow Hawk, Kintaro, Vulcan and Vedette, the unit moved on towards the Factory complex in the heart of the industrial center.

The remaining Mechs found the complex almost abandoned. The usual Mechs and infantry left to guard the complex were scattered around the entrance in pieces. Proceeding into the facility, they were quickly informed through their liaison officer, Cornet Carla Estrella that a mercenary would be joining them with separate orders. Failure of this pilot to accomplish his goal would be considered a breach of the unit’s contract, as it was important to the security of the state. Owen Lars appeared with his Panther, and orders to access a Mech-control bay on the highest level of one of the complexes’ buildings. Several Mechs were assigned to ensure he survived long enough to conduct his task.

Guarding the complex was a light unit of two Wasps, a Stinger a Falcon, a Firestarter and a Guillotine; believed to be the unit that headed on ahead of the previous battles, into the city to fight. Stuart in his Ostroc lept into the upper level of the tower and with Owen, and several others, opened fire on the lone Stinger guarding the computer access. He charged Owen, threatening to push him back off the tower, but at the last second Stuart in his Ostroc managed to critical the CT of the Stinger, blowing its MG ammo bins, and shattering the Mech.

The Warhammer of Master exchanged fire with the Guillotine, and then switched to the closer Firestarter. Pitbull ravaged the Falcon. Advocate tore the arms off a Wasp with both PPCs, but the machine kept coming. In fact, they all seemed rather suicidal…

Half a minute into the fight, Owen had managed to access the computer while the battle raged below. Master tore the leg off a Wasp moving across the complex, knocking it over. The Guillotine took a critical shot to its CT, damaging its gyro and knocking it over at the base of the ramp in the main complex. Fixer tower into the Falcon destroying its torso and jump jets. The Firestarter managed to jup into the ruined tanks, finding safety from all fire, as it moved towards the tower. Owen managed to initiate the computer system for the complex, and it immediately set-off a series of alarms throughout the complex, with the chilling statement…

“Access to system control granted. Code Omega initiated. Self-destruct of complex to begin in T-Minus one minute…”.

Panic began to spread among the Dingoes… Blocked from passing down the ramp to the tower, the armless Wasp pushed itself off the ramp, falling one level and destroying its remaining legs. The Guillotine stood up (!?!) and started up the ramp, facing-down the Phoenix Hawk, exchanging fire with both it and the Thug. The Firestarter lept into the upper tower level, moving to interact with the control computer, ostensibly to halt the self-destruct. Fixer blew-off an arm, but it stayed, and moved in behind a wall for safety. Slayer tore into the prone Wasp, and shattered its CT, killing it. Wraith, leaping from the ramp, DFAs the other legless, armless Wasp, and literally turned it into a pile of scrap rubble, destroying every piece of it in the jump.

The Firestarter began accessing the computer, but Stuart leapt next to in in the tower, savaging it. Master in his Warhammer overheating all the way, opened fire with everything, and tore apart the Firestarter’s core, destroying it utterly. Advocate knocked over the Guillotine again, and booted it in the CT shattered its torsos.

Stuart lept from the building, mis-judged his aim and cracked the Mechs head on the ceiling, taking damage to his MEch’s head, but managed to otherwise limp off the field. Both Glamour and Advocate continued to abuse the Guillotine eventually breaking it apart in a savage flurry of weapons-fire and melee attacks. All Mechs were down for the count, though the self-destruct continued…

Gathering heads and a limb as “battlefield salvage”, the Dingoes quickly fled the complex and headed to a safe distance, watching the entire complex expertly implode on itself… mission accomplished…



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