Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 48 - The Unity of Promise

"The Periphery is a myriad collection of scattered states, systems and loners, but some want to destroy what others have built..."

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
Bruce (Glamour)————————Stinger LAM
JP (Pitbull) ——————————-Ostsol
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Ostroc
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Thug
Chris (-) -———————————-Phoenix Hawk


March 28th, 3020 : The unit jumped into System – Promise, and once sensors had cleared noticed a Scout, a Merchant and two Invaders, all bearing the markings of System-State – “The Unity of Promise”. Amid a cloud of shuttles and DropShuttles, the ships were taking on supplies and well protected. The unit was quickly hailed, and they identified themselves as * “The Iron Dingoes”, seeking employment as “Pirate Hunters”. A rep from one of teh JumpShips was dispatched, and the Unit Council met him at the dock for a conference.

The young man identified himself as Junior Corporate Executive Sithar. He offered to relay their request to the Corporate Mercenary Bonding Branch, and gave them requisite authorization to travel to the corporate HQ in Neo Chiba. The unit discussed their options, deciding to give the entire DropShip Fleet some R&R, and all three DropShips departed for the 2.5 day burn to Promise.

March 31st, 3020 : The unit landed at the main starport in Neo Chiba, finding various UP DropShips and DropShuttles present, including a Condor, a couple Unions and a Monarch. Nearby were several smaller vessels, including a Leopard CV, all identified as mercenary vessels. In the distance, a Fortress-Class DropShip was seen, under-going extensive repairs or maintenance.

Disembarking the unit’s Hover Limo “Elite”, a single Maxim Hover Transport equipped with a platoon of Scout Recon. The unit leaders headed through a desolate city of adobe domed buildings, and the city’s poor peasantry, all under the baking sun. Quickly reaching the large central pyramid-structure of the corporate HQ, the unit was directed to an under-ground A?C-cooled parking garage, and escorted to the Mercenary Bonding Offices high in the building’s interior. Guards were everywhere, reminding the unit of heavily-armed riot police.

In the offices, they were offered fresh, cool water, and given a spacious lounge to await their assigned executive. Sharing the offices were a small collection of mercenary officers, whose leader was quickly introduced as Colonel Thomas Rivera, and the officers with him were identified as both Jump Infantry and AeroSpace Pilots.After some small talk, in which he acknowledged he’d heard of the Iron Dingoes, he related their assault on one-third of the local pirates on System – 530-053, where they had seized a Fortress DropShip at an abandoned scientific installation, and were well-paid for their work. They were soon called away to meet with their corporate rep, and the Dingoes were left alone for a while.

Eventually they met with their representative, Senior Executive Liberte Asante, who escorted them to a private meeting room, offered them water and got straight to business. After ensuring the unit were willing to hunt pirates, she offered them Contract – Operation : “Hide-and-Seek” and began negotiations. The unit was able to get most everything they wanted, and they were offered very good terms for such a task, with LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” figuring Liberte Asante had even allowed them some leeway that she might have argued against. Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” seemed convinced it was because they were desperate and taking serious hits from the pirates. They were told, in parting the paperwork would be ready in an hour, and assured that the pirates were believed to be somewhere in any of the three systems, System – 530-053, System – Sligo, or Lekhamma.

With the paperwork signed for and the unit given leave to do as it would, the CO, Colonel Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” called for two days of R&R for all ship’s troops. With orders to travel in groups no smaller than three, and to be fully-armed at all times, the unit were able to avoid any difficulties during their time on-planet.

April 3rd, 3020 : The Unit gathered once more to their DropShips, and burned back out to the Jump-point, without incident.

April 5th, 3020 : Still with some hours left on their JumpShiip’s charging, the group spent a day searching their supplies and readying for the coming hunt.


April 7th, 3020 : The Unit jumped out-system, choosing to jump to System – Udone, rather than System – Valhalla or System – Elogi, since it had a shorter recharge time for their JumpShip, buying them days. Udone proved fairly quiet, and after a five-day recharge, jumped out-system.


April 12th, 3020 : Jumping into System – Sligo, they encountered absolute silence. Even the system’s landing beacon on the main planet was quiet and not broadcasting. With nothing at the jump-point, they held a short council and determined that making all speed for the capital was a good bet. They began burning in-system with everyone expecting something…

April 14th, 3020 : Almost halfway to the main world, the unit began picking-up garbled communications from the planet in patches. Paladin immediately identified them as military codes, and began deciphering them as best he could. He soon recognized them as military coms, that seemed to be looking for something. The words “V’s Blood”, “Reset” and “Salvage” seemed to be continually repeated in almost every set of comments.

April 16th, 3020 : Reaching orbit around Sligo proper, the unit’s DropShips tried operating their moderate sensors, and paid close attention to the capital.

April 17th, 3020 : Sensors identified an EM signature in the capital that was definitely a fusion plant, either a local one, or a DropShip’s power plant. It was decided to employ the Freefall Drop APC stowed aboard the “Pandora’s Box” to insert the unit’s two scouts; Senior Scout “Scammer” Firdaaz, and Scout Kohana “Ranger” Roberts, along with a single Air Skimmer “Vulture”, the unit’s pair of LT-68 Man-Pack Transceivers (Sat Comms), and a couple troopers from Scout Recon to keep guard. As pilot, the unit chose to have their “best” unassigned pilot, Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour” volunteer to pilot the APC down to the surface.

The group dropped from Pandora’s Box, and despite serious cross-winds, dusted-down without incident (though it was close) about a day’s travel from the ruined starport. While Glamour and the two guards settled-down for some days of “leisure” activity, the two scouts headed towards the capital on the air skimmer.

April 19th, 3020 : RAnger reported in about the status of the capital. Totally ruined with low levels of radiation indicative of a couple tactical nukes having been used to level the city, the remaining citizens were clustered into two “salvage camps”, one near the starport (The Garden Island Dockyard), and another (The Old City Commune) near old college grounds. The center of the city ruins was dominated by a pirate-colored Fortress-Class DropShip, and a fortified camp around it filled with a mixed battalion of marauders, inlcuding Mechs, hover armor and lots of infantry.

The Mechs regularly left the compound around the DropShip with varied lances at a time, each accompanied by a trio of J. Edgar Hover Tanks. Infantry was set to defend the compound, and sometimes traelled to the salvage camps to gather technical treasures in exchange for food and other valued supplies. They always asked for information regarding “Reset”, but no one seemed to know what to look for. Ranger was going to spend some time among the civilian salvage camps, while Scammer went closer to look into the military forces.

April 20th, 3020 : The Unit began plans. They decided to wait for a storm and land at the starport ruins as quietly as possible. Once down, they would deploy their artillery, and after pounding the static bunkers and defensive rubble wall around the camp with their artillery, the units would hit the courtyard around the grounded DropShip.

Commander Fionna Lord “Angel Frost”, however, reminded them that they were facing an assault DropShip; its guns were not going to remain silent during this attack. After some discussion, they decided to activate what few portion of * “The Werewolves” that were present, supplemented by some key members of the Unit; namely Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”, Lieutenant SG Michael Anderson “Fixer” and Pitbull. The unit would investigate the ruins, and see about infiltrating the downed DropShip to make sure its guns stayed silent, while the eventual raid occurred. Fixer was considered key to this, using his technical expertise to help Tech Ginney McRiven ensure the DropShip never leave the planet until they wanted it to.

April 21st, 3020 : Ranger reported more information about the salvage camp civilians, staying among the citizens of the Garden Island Dockyard, reporting the camp had its own militia of somerifle infantry squads, and numbered around 300 refugees living on the remnants of the old railway station. She reported it was a good place to try infiltration, since no one seemed really in charge, and people came and went regularly. Scammer reported the troops consisted of various units; Guard Infantry were fairly well-equipped and the marauder elite; Marauder Infantry that were rough pirates and bandits ill-armed and rabble; and Free Infantry, who were former mercenary units, well-equipped and skilled, but didn’t answer to other commands. They had no regular uniforms, and most patrols seemed ad-hoc.

The pirate’s armor consisted of about nine J. Edgars, and six Saracens. There were sixteen Mechs, with the command lance including a Black Knight, an Ostsol, a Hunchback and an unknown Mech that seemed similar to a Warhammer, but “dumpier”. These forces, seemed better organized and armed, but some showed signs of battle-damage. The other Mechs were lighter in weight, but one of the smaller Mechs was of an unknown origins.

Late in the day, the three DropShips dropped during a snowstorm, landing about two days away, well under cover from observance by the troops in the capital. The unit deployed its “Pseudo-Werewolves”, and while they began the long trip to the capital, the rest battened-down the hatches and prepared for information to be relayed back to them. Glamour and the troops on the Drop APC slowly began to make their way back to the landing site.

April 23rd, 3020 : As the Pseudo-Werewolves entered the city environs, they noticed numerous homesteads (most underground complexes built into hills and rocky formations) some of which showed the signs of battle damage and looting. GLamour reported the same thing. Eventually, the group entered the area of the city near the starport and the Garden Dockyards



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