Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 50 - The Battle for Victory's Blood

"They were tenacious, suicidal and equipped with cutting-edge technoclgy.... How are these guys pirates again?"

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
Bruce (Glamour)————————Stinger LAM
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Ostroc
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Thug
Chris (Caboose) -————————Phoenix Hawk
Dana (Blaster) -—————————Warhammer

30 seconds into the fight, and the craters around the “Victory’s Blood”, led to the horrid artillery strike it had suffered. The warehouses were gone, broken ruins, the main ramp into the DropShip was in ruins, and the northern side of the vessel had taken significant damage.

Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour” called in a re-direct on the artillery’s targets, scattering fire among the ruins of the city center to the east, where nearly a battalion of infantry militia were hunkered in entrenched positions. Although Trooper Bodrick Thompson “Blaster” voiced his opposition to blind destruction of, perhaps, the only military force left on the planet, the call wnet out, and the artillery began to fly from the unit’s guns some 16 kms away.

The defending Mechs, strung in a long line from the entrance of the DropShip, like a stilleto pointing directly into the Iron Dingoes main line, turned and began turning its guns to the Battlemaster on the hill, piloted by Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”. He withered under the barrage, especially taking a brutal AC/20 strike from the Hunchback, and stumbled into a fall. In response, the group declared “Dingo Pack Tactics” on the Black Knight, and it also took devastating fire, eventually blowing its RL off and knocking it to the ground. Away in the eastern skirmish, the sole Vindicator remaining took a serious strike, followed by a brutal kick to its RA.

Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith” turned his attentions on the Enforcer, sniping the Mech’s Needle Laser : “The Hatpin” into the Right Torso, blowing its ammo reserves, and gutting the Mech. LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” tore the Hunchback’s right leg off, and Lieutenant SG Michael Anderson “Fixer” continued firing on the unbowed Black Knight, tearing off its left leg.

The various armor units sniped back and forth, inconclusively. The DropShip opened up with a single volley of fire into the lance of tanks moving to its south, but it proved rather ineffective, stunning some crew and reducing their movement.

Over-heating and unable to move quickly, Pitbull slowly hauled out of the danger zone, still taking sniping fire from the partially disabled Mechs, and still firing back. The Flashman continued to pour forth fire in a constant sweep against everything moving too close. MechWarrior Valentina Masterson “Valentine” placed all her fire on the damaged Hunchback, breaking it severely. MechWarrior Jessica Burlingame “Slayer” destroyed a Saracen. More tank-on-tank activity continued, with them sniping back and forth.

MechWarrior Faith Whinyates suddenly detected a sharp spike from her sensors, verified by Fixer. Someone had just started “spiking” their fusion core. Assuming it to be the now useless Hunchback, the group opened full fire on the suicidal Mech. Fixer and the Ostroc exchanged fire, with Fixer taking a head strike to his armor. Everyone else started moving (with Pitbull dragging himself very slowly) away from the Hunchback.

And then the artillery began to strike the ruins. Several platoons and lighter buildings shattered in the chaos of fire in the area. Oh… the Horror… the Horror…

There was another sudden spike noticed from what everyone assumed was the Black Knight, as its pilot began spiking its core. A lance of the defending J. Edgars managed to escape south, running as fast as they could. The defending “recon” lance began a pull back to the south, with the Locust and Assassin managing to follow, but the Panther and Unknown Valkyrie were hampered by an increasing attention from the advancing Dingoes forces. And then the Hunchback exploded its core. The fusion detonation threw super-heated plasma like a mini-nuke across the downed Black Knight, as well as Advocate in his Thug, knocking him over. Slayer fired everything she had, blowing the Black Knight to scrap pieces, and saving the unit from another close-quarters nuke.

More artillery fire devastated the ruined city and destroyed more platoons and semi-intact buildings. Continuing for many more seconds, the three-round barrage finally ended, its devastation tragic, though a handful of infantry managed to remain intact.

Meanwhile, everyone continued to gang on the three remaining Mechs; the Panther, the Ostsol and the Unknown Valkyrie. Advocate took off the Ostsol’s right leg, while the Unknown Valkyrie took a devastating head hit, and its pilot passed out, toppling both Mechs. Finally, Fixer took the head off the Ostsol, cracking it apart, and the Panther took a devastating series of criticals to its fusion engine, blowing it to pieces…

…silence reigned over the battlefield, devastation everywhere around… but the “Victory’s Blood” was within their grasp…



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