Adept Jemma Starling

ComStar Adept


Adept Jemma Starling is a talented ComStar technician, who seems to deal in matters regarding the corporation’s efforts to maintain and improve the microwave communications network across the nation.

She is noted as pretty and soft-spoken, indeed something of a diplomat, though she also has good technical knowledge and leadership skills. She can be considered a Veteran ComsTech NPC, with skills in Administration, Computer, AeroSpace Pilot and Protocol.


Adept Jemma Starling was introduced to the unit during ComStar‘s assessment of the damages done to the nation’’s telecommunications network following the mysterious solar activity on June 10th, 3021. It was suspected she had been sent to check on the situation developing in San Succi as well.

In late 3022, Adept Starling was given control of the entire Sangrian microwave communications grid, and promoted to a senior Adept. She is often in Ciudad Garcia dealing with the political matters of her job, but travels extensively across the country on business. She is often called upon to witness contract signings in the city, particularly regarding * “The Iron Dingoes”.

Adept Jemma Starling

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