Recruit Andrew (Wieczorek) Ireworthy


One of the latest of early graduates from * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, Recruit Andrew Ireworthy has come to prominence through his skills at tactics and strategy, and is expected to progress quickly through the unit’s educational system.

He is talented in Leadership, Tactics and Strategy, and shows an aptitude with Computers and other technology. While not physically impressive, he is fit and has the stamina needed to fulfill the school’s tough physical demands.

He has both an older sister and brother, but both are not interested in a military career, with Valentine serving as a medic, and Peter following a different path into local politics.


A son of an Iron Dingoes MP infantryman John Paul and his dependent wife Theresa, His family originally came from System – Sligo, and followed Master Tech Cutter to serve with the unit. Recruit Andrew passed through the regular school system in Garrison before being accepted into the Iron Dingoes Military Academy in 3030.

Recruit Andrew (Wieczorek) Ireworthy

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