Anthony Lockhart

Owner of Red Devil Shipping and Brokerage


Anthony Lockhart is a formal citizen of The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport, who owns and operates a moderately successful shipping firm, Red Devil Shipping and Brokerage. His primary offices are aboard “The Factory”, where he manages his private shipping business, and his family resides.

In addition to being a Regular NPC Administrator, he is a talented Pilot : Small Craft, and Technician : Small Craft. He also has skills in Negotiation, Computers and Administration. He is known to have an interest in the technical aspects of small craft, and is mostly the reason his DropShuttle, the “Nikita” was able to be rebuilt following its 3021 fire.

He is somewhat wealthy. His wife Susan, is the mother of his two young children; Elias (born 3020 ) and Avri (born 3022 ).


Little is known about how Lockhart gained his start-up funds, but he is believed to come from a powerful off-world merchant family that is trying to establish trade contacts within the system, as its industrial capabilities have expanded. Most assume he is from an obscure Davion family, trying to keep a low profile.

In 3017, his company began operations in Von Doom’s Drop Port, using a pair of older K-1 Class Dropshuttles, and with the establishment of “The Factory”, he moved operations into orbit in 3021, to better serve his clients. While he has struggled to establish financing to expand his company, he still makes good money, mostly in off-world C-Bills, though recent troubles on Terramatrix had caused him to release his secondary pilots into other employment.

As of the start of 3025, the company is back on the road to recovery, with the end of the Small War, and the opening of the starport in The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport. In time, the company might be able to expand again. They have a favored trade status with * “The Iron Dingoes”, that they use to supply them with items outside their regular supply contracts.

Anthony Lockhart

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