Tech Aziz Ajami

Lesser Tech of the Iron Dingoes


Tech Aziz Ajami is an orphaned boy adopted by the Dingoes and serves as lead in his own small tech team. Rated a Regular MechTech NPC, he continues in his work, and has grown appreciably over the years, with a peculiar taste in hard industrial music.


His origins are shadowy, but he was adopted into the Dingoes when they absorbed a number of dependents in the final hours of their stay on Claybrooke. He was best known for constantly falling asleep when he should be working, but id well in classes when he was not assisting his technical team in repair work and maintenance.

Simply a young kid, he served well in Tech Alexander Talbot “Elminster”’s tech team, and recently took control over his own small team of junior AsTechs.

Tech Aziz Ajami

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