AsTech Kirby Scott

Fixer's Assistant


AsTech Kirby Scott is another ranking technician graduate from the * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”. She serves Lieutenant SG Michael Anderson “Fixer” as his personal tech, but since he does most of the detailed work himself, has only been assigned an AsTech, though one with promise. She generally does the ammo reloading and armor replacement, leaving the more detailed work to Fixer himself.

The daughter of two techs within * “The Dingo Pack”, she ranks as a Green Tech NPC, though she has shown to learn things quickly and will eventually be rated as a Regular once she has earned some practical experience.

Like most young AsTechs, she is fond of music, and fauns over the older Techs. She is bookish, reading any manuals and other skillbooks she can get her hands on. She has also shown a skill with numbers and more advanced mathematics.


As mentioned, she is the daughter of two Techs from the Dingo Pack, with little interest beyond her calling as a technician. She has shown dedication, and takes great pride in her combat gear, taking some lessons in small arms gunnery.

AsTech Kirby Scott

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