Lieutenant Commander Rihanna "Wing-Ripper" Blackjay

Aero Wing Commander


Rihanna is a Veteran Aero Pilot NPC, and a Regular AeroTech NPC.

“Wing-Ripper” pilots a finely maintained air superiority EGL-R6 Eagle, and leads the unit AeroSpace forces operating from “The Factory”. Her knowledge of unit personnel and experience as a pilot make her an important figure in Iron Dingoes black naval warfare.


A fiery tempered, red-haired beauty named Rihanna Blackjay is the former flight commander of “Rogue Flight”, a mercenary wing of Aerofighters – although at times one might mistake her for being the fleet Commodore. She knows how to get the job done, without wasting pilots or fighters. While abrasive and pushy at times, Blackjay is an important member of any command team.

Blackjay takes no guff from anyone – on the flight deck, in formation or combat, her word is law. Anyone who disagrees, can sit out the next mission. She has supreme trust in her flight crew and her pilots. She is, however, a hard task-master, who insists that her pilots pay attention to briefings, hang on every order, and execute plans perfectly. She knows that discipline will keep them alive in the midst of combat.

Blackjay is also the scourge of the hangar bay. She bawls orders, bosses the techs, and chews-out anyone who gets in the way. To Blackjay, having all Aero craft in “ready” status is the optimal state of operation – unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The hangar is seen as her own private domain, and anyone questioning or challengeing her authority there, is quickly and ruthlessly corrected. She is known to drop by the bridge of whatever dropship she’s assigned, to offer tactical advice and her ops experience – whether it’s wanted or not…

Originally a graduate of the Filtvelt Acadamy, she went on to gain a position in the newly formed mercenary Aerofighter company, “Rogue Flight”, but was forced to surrender her ship to Marik forces when her command was lost in a raid contract later that year. Blackjay was able to convince her captors of her abilities, and was able to start over as a Cheetah pilot a year later. She caught the eye of Anton Marik, and quickly gained promotions as they became available and fought well, gaining a good reputation and the title “Wing-Ripper” for her actions. Her lance was part of the dead-end mission on Park Place, and though she fought well, she lost her ship and command once more to a different Marik unit.

Unlike some mercs, Blackjay lets everyone know about her colorful past. She boasts of her prowess and skills, quoting her kill-list, as well as her graduation from the Filtvelt Acadamy, at the top of her class. While she brags of these accomplishments, she also keeps much of her origins in shadow. Rumor has it she was a part of the MIIO private naval fleet, and is rumored to have ties to their Black Ops programs.

Blackjay wears her flight suit and helmet for most duties, and always carries her autopistol and a knife under her suit. She also bears a medpack on her belt. She is very good, and given time might actually become something of a terror in the mercenary circuits.

Lieutenant Commander Rihanna "Wing-Ripper" Blackjay

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