Captain Vesna Clamp

Leader of Hezeera Prspecting


Captain Vesna Clamp is a grizzled Belter, and owner of the Free Company “Hezeera Prospecting”, formerly based from the System – Cassandra. He is a Regular Small Craft Pilot NPC, with skills in Prospecting, Computers and Streetwise. He owns and commands a K-1 Class Dropshuttle that has seen many decades of toil, known as the “Glass Throne”.

Fond of cards, hard liquor and striking it rich, he leads his small group in search of the great prize. He is very protective of his crew, but also very forgiving of his own failings. Even when he loses at cards, he takes it in stride. He is, in short, a hard man to dislike.


Captain Clamp is a grizzled, bearded man with a black beard, gold teeth and a sensor patch covering his left eye, which he claims was lost in a brawl with Excalibur Corp security. A talented prospector, he has saved a goodly sum and continues to try and score the “big prize”.

Recently, Captain Klamp hired his ship and crew over to “The Factory” for transit out-system from System – Cassandra, and has entered a “Leash” contract to be couriers and transport personnel for the station. He and his crew remain loyal members of the station’s crew, having found work as the couriers of the station profitable and secure work. They run small cargoes on the side, and are occasionally given leave to try their hand at speculative runs in-system.

His crew includes; Holst Ahlet, ship’s pilot; Aurora Jax, medic/navigator; and Marl Marcus, Chief Engineer. Sociable and happy enough with their lot in life, they’ve made good money in Hezeera Prospecting, but were still looking for that untangible something more.

In mid-3028, Captain Clamp and his crew were detached from service on “The Factory”, and sent on a secret mission with * The Blood Raiders to survey System – Montour and the potential salvage found in the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”. They leaped at the chance, and happily left for a year’s tour of duty under the code-name “Operation – Urban Jack”. During this operation, he and his crew helped locate several mothballed vessels, including a Liberty-Class JumpShip, the “Cutter”; a Manatee-Class DropShip, named the “Meteor”; and four (4) Saturn-Class Patrol Ships, named the “Chain”, the “Clamp”, the “Clasp”, and the “Grapple”. They also located “The New Karachi”, an ancient and historic vessel.

Captain Vesna Clamp

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