Space Master Yvette Deladrier

Lead Pilot of the "Den Mother"


A capable pilot and navigator, Captain Yvette Deladrier is best known as a former member of the TAF naval forces. Recently out of “retirement”, Captain Deladrier seems able, though she has been given little time to prepare her crew, and spends most of her efforts in training.

Captain Deladrier is a Regular NPC JumpShip Pilot.


Serving in the Taurian Navy, Captain Deladrier served in the Perdition Union Defense Fleet, piloting an Invader-Class JumpShip. She had worked her way through the ranks, having been born on Dicallus, and took command of the ship (the “Robert Young II”) for nearly twelve years before “retiring”.

Captain Deladrier did not do well in retirement. She worked various jobs serving starports as an administrator, and eventually found her way to Joshua’s Station, where she worked in the Spire as a comptroller. Her contacts with the navy informed her of a potential position as the lead pilot in a mercenary company, piloting their JumpShip, and she leapt at the chance.

Her crew consists of a couple of former naval officers she knew who were also “retired” to fill the main command positions, but also many of its original pirate crew, who fill the roster in its engineers and lesser officers. At present, there is a rift between the two crews, but Deladrier is working hard to mend that disconnection.

Captain Deladrier is fond of filling her ship with classically composed music, and has been known to work closely with her junior officers, which has gone a long ways to making them a single crew once more. The jury is still out as to the effect of her musical choice among the crew. Some say she plans to make them all unite against her choices, so that they have at least one thing in common.

Space Master Yvette Deladrier

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