Young warrior of the Corazon Jungle


A young warrior of the Corazón Jungle, , Cassius isn’t much of a trooper, but is brave and tough, and can get into places most others simply can’t. Once considered a child by most people in The District of Garcia, he has since proven himself a good scout and hunter, and very capable of surviving on his own in the trackless jungles of Garcia.

Cassius is young, but a capable Regular NPC Scout. He has proven to be a fair shot, and knows his way through the otherwise trackless jungles by routes others cannot follow. He often serves as a courier, operating between Corazón Airfield and the general forces under Warlord Varsha Arkadjian, and has constant contact with both sides.


A young, former child-soldier of his people, Cassius’ parents were slain by a Nexu while he was still a baby. Raised by the collective warriors of the tribe, he soon learned to become a scout and warrior and has proven himself to his tribe for some time.

Today, he operates as a courier for both his people and * “The Iron Dingoes”, running dispatches of a private nature between the two groups, and has clearance as a “Trooper” in Iron Dingoes service, with the ability to call upon their ammunition reserves and other supplies. He even knows several of the Command Council by first name.


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