Commander Andre Wallingsford

Lead pilot of the Star Talon


Commander Andre Wallingsford is the lead pilot of the “Star Talon”, a recently captured pirate Vulture-Class DropShip. A skilled navigator, he has proven capable of leading the new DropShip crew, despite their origins as pirates, mostly because many of them are former civilians forced into service to the Star Talons for their skills.

In addition to his skills as a pilot, he is capable of detailed navigation work, and perhaps more importantly, knows the capabilities of any DropShip he might be in command of. He is a Regular NPC DropShip Pilot.


Originally the second pilot of the “Pandora’s Box”, Commander Wallingsford has a long history with the Iron Dingoes, dating back to their earliest years on Claybrooke. He was promoted when the unit needed a skilled and trustworthy pilot to maintain their latest acquisition, and has proven capable of the task.

Commander Andre Wallingsford

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