Commander Thomas Dallas

Former Civilian Pilot.


Commander Tom Dallas is a Regular DropShip Pilot NPC, with extensive long-term experience as a civilian merchant hauler. Along with his crew, he is fairly un-military in attire and attitude, but are capable in their tasks as leads of a DropShip. Money speaks and as long as he is paid regularly and well, he’ll do the work. He once piloted the Stone Dog as its lead pilot, but now serves aboard the “Silverlight”, the unit’s reserve hauler, which does double duty as both a cargo hauler and courier DropShip.


Dallas and his crew originally hale from the Concordat, and were hired and shipped-in during the last month of the conflict on Dunkelheim when it became obvious various DropShip assets were about to fall into TF29s hands. Assigned the Stone Dog by Baron Sarne, he and his crew have limited experience in combat maneuvers, but are not afraid to “tussle”, if supported in their efforts.

In addition to several junior engineers recruited from the original pirate crew, Commander Dallas leads a full crew of engineers and pilots including; Kane Winger as his XO and Medical Officer, Allison Cavanaugh as his Communications/Navigation Officer, and Brent Orville as his Senior Engineer. These four have worked together for many years and know each other very well. Their experience in loading operations gives them an edge in prep time for missions and allows rapid recovery of assets.

Commander Thomas Dallas

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