Advanced SLDF AI


Cortana is an unknown variable at this time. Believed to be an advanced AI program of some sort, she was nestled in the communications nodes of Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”s advanced recon Mech, an OTL-4D Ostsol. The entire TRSS.2L3 T&T System has since been transferred into his HGN-732 Highlander, though there have been no real changes in her activity since.

Little more is known about her or her capabilities, though if she were an AI (as suspected by the command staff), her presence would be unique in the Inner Sphere in the present era. If word about her existence were to get out…


Cortana is something of an enigma, making her first “appearance” during a battle against the “Shrieking Banshees”, when advanced ECM fields flooding communications channels, the neurohelmet she had been stored in, and the introduction of an advanced communications system combined to “awaken” her… She seems only able to “manifest” during heightened levels of stress and only when the neurohelmet is active.

Star League AI development was never able to defeat the “Jump Barrier”, meaning, AIs are not able to remain coherent following a jump. They go mad and uncontrolled. It is believed that they managed to develop a basic AI through its ASRCS Program, or Aerospace Smart Robotic Control Systems Program, which was applied to its M-Series Drones for automated defense of the Hegemony worlds and select Star League facilities. The leap to a true AI is considerable.

The unit had also acquired Data Core – Decimator 397, a device that several members of the unit held might be a solution to the problem, though it brought its own issues to the table, and this line of study was since abandoned.

In mid-February, 3021, in an attempt to resolve these issues, Pitbull implanted Chip 10987 in her housing, The Fisher King’s Neurohelmet, hoping to stabilize her matrix long enough to set things aright. Actual testing under a “stress” conditions on the battlefield remains needed to see how things develop. It is suspected, at this time, that the ECM field might act as something of a “white noise”, allowing Cortana to focus and interact with her environment. It has further been postulated that she might be able to interact with her environment, if given access to a “…closed access holotable, with sufficient data storage to allow her to expand her consciousness…”.

Pitbull says he’s been having dreams about her too, however… It remains to be seen whether or not she could become an ally… or a powerful enemy out of the Iron Dingoes control…


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