Doctor (Major) Delphine Young

Former Pirate Medic, Iron Dingoes Chief Medical Officer


Doctor (Major) Delphine Young is a Veteran NPC Medical Doctor, capable of complex surgery and other needed medical skills. In addition to her medical knowledge, she is something of an administrative genius, was well-placed as the medical supply officer for the unit for many years. She is still able to trace almost every medkit dispensed in the unit down to the trooper, when required, and still ensures all supplies are well-accounted for at all times.

Over the years, she has become more of an administrator than a medical practitioner, but still keeps herself educated and informed. She has taken a personal interest in the operation of the station’s Rejuvination Suites, and is the unit’s resident expert.

Unlike most of the unit’s landhold officers, she remains aboard “The Factory”, keeping a close eye on the important and high-tech medical bays and science labs on this important station. Since the most critical patients under Iron Dingoes aegis wind-up visiting these facilities, its remains an important location to remain close to. She also spends time travelling down to the various Dingoes landholds across System – Dumassas, assessing each location’s health situation and needs on a fairly regular basis. Her control of * Iron Dingoes Medical Corps has greatly improved both her reach and resources to complete her mandate.


Doctor (Major) Delphine Young was formerly a pirate medic captured during operations in the System – Ganulph, against the Star Talon pirates. She served as a standard paramedic in * “The Iron Dingoes” support staff providing medical care to their growing numbers of infantry for several years.

Doctor Young passed her qualifiers during their stay in System – Cassandra through the system’s medical college on Rockport Habitat, and was promoted to a full doctor with her own young staff of medics to assist her. For several years, she was assigned to “The Factory”, acting as medical liaison to the techs and dependents stationed aboard this important station. She did not deploy planet-side, but rather organized supplies and provided relief work for other medical teams.

In mid-3023, she was given the rank of Captain, and promoted to the unit’s Command Council as its landhold Chief Medical Officer. She spends much of her time in administrative matters, but also works in hiring a medical staff for all the Dingoes landholds and mercenary units. She is carefully looking at improving the educational opportunities of the unit’s dependents, as well as providing each landhold with a full hospital and staff, but realizes this might take years to see fruition.

In early-3025, Major Young was granted command over * Iron Dingoes Medical Corps, and began integrating the various arms of the unit’s medical forces into a unit with a single purpose; to save lives. By later that year, she was formally promoted to “Major”, to better represent her control over the entire medical personnel and infrastructure.

In early-3029, she took a more formal control over the Medical Company under the aegis of * Tharn Iron Legions Support Regiment, largely to expand their knowledge base and equipment to more traditional Dingoes standards.

Doctor (Major) Delphine Young

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