Captain Elias Koteas

Lead Surgeon of the Field Surgery Group


Formerly of The Federative Republic of San Marcos Medical Corps, Captain Elias Koteas is a recruit from * “The Iron Dingoes” capture of the Air Mobile Field Hospital, and its personnel in late-3024.

Captain Koteas took service with * “The Iron Dingoes” solely because he has nothing to tie him to anyone anymore, and he honestly feels that service in the mercenary force can possibly do the greater good. He also has a great deal of loyalty to those medical personnel who chose to enlist, and hopes to see them through the coming conflicts.

Captain Koteas is a Veteran NPC Medical Officer, with decades of experience as a medical surgeon and basic San Marcos field training as an infantry officer. He is now learning the far more complex matters of modern combat with Mechs and armor. He is very professional, and always follows military decorum and the Ares Conventions.

Gruff and straight-forward in his attitude, Koteas loves his people, and tries to do everything he can to teach them, help them develop, and firmly tries to get them into similar positions to better serve their patients.


Captain Elias Koteas was formerly a Major in the San Marcos Medical Corps, having served with that nation’s military for most of his adult life. From a wealthy military family, he lost most of them to brigands who destroyed his family landhold. He was married until recently, when his wife died of cancer about three years ago, and his two sons who serve in the San Marcos military. He does not know about their current whereabouts or status.

Captain Elias Koteas

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