MechWarrior Eric Lars "Caboose"

Young Brash Pilot


MechWarrior Eric Lars is a brash young mercenary pilot. He presently pilots a highly modified THG-10E Thug, that serves in the Line Mechs of the unit’s “Fire Support Lance”.

Resourceful and well-connected among the locals in Terramatrix, he maintains a small personal residence in * Landhold : Garrison, where his personal family PNT-9R Panther is kept and stored. He has no noted family connections in the unit, and tends to keep to himself, following a private agenda.

Caboose has taken an interest in the political situation of his adopted nation-state, and constantly forms plans and ideas on how to consolidate the wayward provinces back into the national fold.


Hired to fill a slot in the Line Unit of the “Dire Wolves”, “Caboose” is a young brash pilot. Lars was promoted to full “MechWarrior” following the unit’s Contract – Operation “Steampunk Shuffle”, due to a series of successful kills in that conflict.

Caboose took charge of the unit’s new mascot Dingo-Dongo in late-3024, following its gift to the unit for their actions in the opening salvos of the Small War.

MechWarrior Eric Lars "Caboose"

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