Captain Fionna Lord "Angel Frost"

Commander of the Iron Dingoes Line Infantry and Armor Forces


A skilled leader and technician, Fionna has also become a capable warrior and handles hover vehicles well. She cuts a fine figure, and despite her “girlish” appearance, is as ready to wear a jumpsuit and tear apart a hover tank as any technorat. She carries a hold-out auto-pistol, a portable computer with select files over her shoulder holding various technical readouts and statistics, and has her portable tool chest near her at all times. Fionna is considered a Veteran NPC Mechanic Tech, with access to a Deluxe Tool Kit and a Vehicle Repair Kit. Her favorite toy, is her battered Pegasus-Class Scout Tank “Lily, that she dotes on constantly.

Fionna Lord is a Veteran NPC Vehicle Tech, as well as a Veteran NPC Armor Pilot. Most members of her former unit, the Snow Dusters, are skilled techs as well as armor crews. Fionna Lord can also count on numerous contacts and assistance from various citizens and resistance groups in the System – Claybrooke.

Fionna has been given a Bloodmark by Andurien Special Forces (100,000 C-Bill bounty), for her capture and theft of the Intruder-Class DropShip, “Pandora’s Box”. She remains its title owner, though she operates it at the behest of her parent organization the Iron Dingoes.

The past few years have been transitive for her and her troops. They have added Karnov UR Transports to their roster, allowing them to rapidly deploy from their DropShip or other base of operations. They have also added several squads of rifle infantry wielding Jackrabbit Hover Cycles, to provide escorts to any techs or other convoys they are assigned to protect. Fionna’s armor units consist of several Zephyr Hover Tanks and Condor Heavy Hover Tanks, each lance led by a Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, with a pair of Maxim Hover Transports as support in the Command Lance. This combined reinforced company has proven capable as a force recon troop, and has shown itself a valued addition to the core of the Iron Dingoes combat force.


Fionna Lord or “Angel Frost” is very close-lipped about her past. It is obvious she has worked around hover vehicles for most of her life, and has a solid grasp of the Pegasus Scout Tank’s operations, including its advanced sensors and ECM jamming equipment.

Fionna is a highly intelligent woman who has always sought to establish herself as important and powerful; however, Claybrooke just wouldn’t do that. Born to middle-class bureaucrats, her family owned a hover-car rental firm in New Denver, and she lived a placid, uneventful life. Her beloved uncle, Revello Lord, served the local junta as a mechanic, and taught her all she knew. The military junta under Lt. Colonel Carla “Razor” Chestine seized her parent’s assets, and imprisoned her family for “…supporting the previous regime…”, before their execution.

After working for a few years in various labor and maintenance positions in the New Denver factories, she was recruited into the resistance, and worked with the previous planetary rebel leader, Vaas Dagmar. Serving with distinction, she gained control of a rebel cell when they were forced from the city by a harsh crack-down by the military governor, and fled into the northern wastes. Within a year, her technical knowledge of hover vehicles and skill at war led to her capture of a Pegasus Scout Tank, and even the absorption of a former bandit swoop gang “The Skulls”, when she saved them from prison.

She and her troops became a holy terror in the Northern Territories, using speeder bikes and hover transports, but they knew they could never make a lasting difference, since they could not unite the various rebel factions. Having diminished Lt. Colonel Carla “Razor” Chestines position through her raids, and after rescuing some political dissidents from their life of slavery in the Deadwood foundries, she took formal service with the Iron Dingoes, taking more than half of her former rebels, “The Snow Dusters” with her into a life off-world as mercenaries.

Commander Lord has proven to be protective of her own troops, and extremely trustworthy towards the command staff. The past years have given her a good deal of experience as a mobile reactionary force, and her troops have been essential in each of the primary operations when the Iron Dingoes have deployed. With a few more years of command experience, she is likely to improve her skills rating, as her experience as a tactician, technician and commander mature.

Captain Fionna Lord "Angel Frost"

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