Station Master Haro Lothrain

Senior Officer of the Factory


Haro Lothrain is tall and stocky with a mane of luxurious grey hair, and has spent his life as a Belter. Haro is both a Veteran NPC Administrator, and a Regular NPC Belt Miner.

Haro is a complex man. He is forthright, prone to bouts of anger when he does not get his own way, and not always the most diplomatic of people to deal with. He has an eye for human weakness and knows how to exploit it. That said, he is also a man of considerable integrity and is extremely loyal to those who contribute 100% to his success. He never skimps on paying bonuses or ensuring the welfare of his employees.

He has not prospected himself for many years, preferring to engage himself in the running of his company’s business affairs rather than taking off into the belt. He maintains a double-sized suite on the station, but spends most of his time at Main Mission or travelling to meet with business colleagues and prospective customers throughout the belt. He prefers to employ the LFC-103 “Comet Chaser”, enjoying the spartan style of a belt-configured ship to the more luxurious accommodation of commercial passenger liners.



Born on Rockport in 2963, he began his career as a trainee prospector with Excalibur Corporation, working his way up through the Excalibur Minerals branch, having secured several very lucrative claims for the company in the Majestic and Paradise Clusters. His talents did not just lie in prospecting; Haro proved himself to be an excellent project manager and administrator with an acute business brain. Had he stayed with Excalibur, his position as a senior board member would have likely been assured.

His resignation from Excalibur was unexpected and not without controversy. He resigned on the eve of what became known as the “Skillern Fix” – a clandestine attempt by Excalibur to extend its operations into the Free Radicals through a clever series of false solo operators and Free Companies. The name of the operation comes from Vice President Legal Ansul Skillern, and while it is public knowledge Haro was not invovled in the action, it is widely rumored Haro knew of it, and might have assisted in some of its logistics. Skillern killed himself on the eve of the trial, and fallout from the “Fix” sent several junior members to prison for a decade, while all senior members of the plot were exonerated.

Haro went solo for several years, founding a private exploration/hauling firm “Lothrain Free Company (LFC)”. Several substantial strikes let him buy his first ship, LFC-201 “Rockhound” outright. Without debt and a solid independent reputation, he engaged several more prospectors and pilots, building a fleet of three Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttles, and a single K-1 DropShuttle. He soon began looking for something else to accomplish, when the opportunity to rebuild “The Factory”, and make something more of himself arrived. He employed his LFC company as the basis for managing the station, and began a new chapter in his history.

In the years since, he has carefully managed the limited resources available to him and his family of managers, pilots and technicians, and has kept the station afloat through dedication to his calling as senior station manager. He and his are, perhaps more than most civilians not associated with the military, very loyal and considered Dingoes through and through.

In mid-3027, Governor Jenna Marcuro was given the opportunity to take charge of the Iron Dingoes newest landhold, the * Duchy of Tharn, and left LFC for this latest opportunity. Many feel it’s only time before his other company’s prodigy Master Tech Desna Greer is given an opportunity to excel at her own venture. Lothrain himself, seems years away from retirement.

Station Master Haro Lothrain

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