Doctor Herbert Cross

Senior instructor for the War Dogs College


Doctor Herbert Cross is presently the lead instructor in the Iron Dingoes * “The War Dogs”. Although a civilian without any formal rank, he has been given a great deal of authority and freedom to design a curriculum and locate sufficient teachers and instructors.

Cross is a Regular Scientist (General) and Tech (General) NPC. In addition to the usual skills for his profession, he is experienced in Administration, Protocol (Liao, Davion, Marik), Computers, and speaks Mandarin fluently. He also has an interest in ancient holoplays.


A noble aristocrat, Cross has been immersed in the sciences since early childhood. His aptitude was noted early, and he was granted all the opportunities to use and develop his talents. He is not a genius by any means, but he is hard-working, intensely curious and possessed of a friendly nature.

His career in research has, however, been filled with disappointment. He has found that opure sciences mean little to decision-makers, and that corporate politics determines funding and promotions. He knows that the winners seem to always be the managers and politicians; the losers are the people, like Cross, scientists who sacrifice everything for “duty”, and watch themselves passed over, rejected, or quietly filed away. He has over the course of his career, gone from being a shy, unassuming scientist with a love of discovery, into a selfish, competitive bureaucrat who is less concerned with the future of his work, than in beating his rivals and having his way.

His attitude is compounded by the growing sense that he is not as brilliant as he once thought he was. Although technically the leader of his team of researchers in the (CMS), he is aware that the other contribute more to development of the technologies they study and test than he does.

At present, Cross is effectively helpless and very lost. His natural affection for people has been transformed into professional paranoia, his world is in chaos, and his superiors in House Liao were unforgiving people who do not accept excuses, and do not care about what kind of person he might become if he were given a gentler hand and more direct attention. Whatever else might happen in his future, if he could be coaxed into loving research for itself, he might survive.

Following his capture as a part of the CMS team on System – Corodiz, he was offered a lead teaching position at the Iron Dingoes war college of * “The War Dogs”. He accepted, and is presently working on staffing and other matters for the war college. He resides in * Landhold : Garrison, but often travels to Ciudad Garcia on business.

Doctor Herbert Cross

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