AsTech "Hunter"

Young Survivor from Sligo


AsTech Hunter is a junior technician who was rescued by the Iron Dingoes from System – Sligo. Young, but smart, h is still a child, but quickly learning to adapt to life as a mercenary brat.

Hunter is shadowing Master Tech Thadeus Marakov as a future technician and has rapidly learned the skills to serve as a salvager in the Iron Dingoes Salvage Squads. Although he is still in training, he is dedicated and learning fast, rating as a Green NPC MechTech for purposes of routine salvage operations and simple maintenance. He has shown few other exceptional skills.

A young boy with a heavy Polish accent, he is learning Russian and English as the days proceed, usually under the tutelage of Mechwarrior Pol Baca “Templar” who has all but adopted the lad. The child rarely interacts with other adults, and seems to be growing fond of the * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” and its many future members of the Iron Dingoes. He is growing tall and dark-haired, wearing typical tech’s clothing, and his all-important tool kit. He carries a knife, and knows how to both use and maintain it, but doesn’t seem very fond of violence.


Little is known about the young Hunter. He claims to have grown-up in an isolated cave farm in the edges of the System – Sligo’s inhabited area. When the Bloody Corsairs hit the planet with nukes and his parents were killed by marauders, he was captured by them, and managed to escape into the city, living roughly among the extensive underground tunnels of the central city.

He was captured by a local CHUD band, a group of nuke survivors who went underground and did anything to survive, including eating other former citizens. Trooper Baca and Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith” rescued him from the CHUD’s lair, and he has stuck closely to Trooper Baca’s side throughout their whole stay on the planet, though he is now showing some independence.

AsTech "Hunter"

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