Lady (Major) Heather Jemmas

Matron of the Iron Dingoes Landhold


Youngest daughter of the Duke Jemmas of Horn, Lady Katherine Heather Bliss Jemmas is the daughter of a powerful nobleman, and trained in Languages (speaking Spanish, French and English ), Protocol and is a very proficient musician and dancer. She is also a skilled technician, and often worked in the Foundry on her homeworld, though her first love is flying her helicopter and crafting art. She is also noted as something of an amateur photographer.

Originally a dark-haired beauty, she is strong-willed, forceful and a proficient marksman, but is above-all, a pilot. She has developed a taste for all things fine in life, liking good wine and good food, and it is rumored, a particular taste in fine men… and women. She is known as a hopeless flirt and obsessed with new music and clubs. Following her wedding, she has changed her hair color to bone white, some say as a mark of her becoming the landhold’s “Matron”.

She is always accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Lady Morrigan “Mechanika” Fields, whom it is rumored, can take care of her charge both as a companion and as a bodyguard. Her limited spare time is spent in various national charity endeavors, and as such, visits Ciudad Garcia on a regular basis.



Raised in The Duchy of Horn, Lady Heather Jemmas is the youngest of her family, and was expected to become a fine lady of her clan and eventually marry well. She proved to be something of a troublemaker, and much of her youth was spent getting into trouble with her tutors and sisters.

When she finally had earned a little bit of freedom, she discovered the wonders of flying and by age 15 was a skilled and capable helicopter pilot. This translated into enrolling into her father’s military, and she quickly took to it and became an adept soldier and marksman, earning the praise of her officers and the affection of her fellow soldiers. It seemed she had finally found a calling, and was promoted to an officer in her unit and given charge of her father’s squadron of combat helicopters.

Things changed again when her father met and began a working relationship with * “The Iron Dingoes”, in 3021. After completing Contract – Operation : “Steampunk Shuffle” early, and spending several weeks in the company of these capable soldiers, her father was taken by their professionalism and kindness. Over the next couple years, they kept in contact through the presence of the “Betty” as it passed through System – Gollere several times on business. Hauling export goods and resources out-system, and bringing in munitions and some modern luxuries, he learned of the unit’s growth and finally their ownership of land and the promotion of its leader, Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” to “Sword of the Realm”, effectively making him a landed knight.

In late 3022, as the Betty and her crew passed through one more time enroute to System – Dumassas, the crew were informed that Lady Heather would be accompanying them back to their lands by his daughter… as the potential bride of Colonel Ruxbundy. After a month’s festivities celebrating the coming marriage, she was sent with a squad of the Baron’s own troops, a personal knight as her officer, some servants and her lady-in-waiting to formally meet with the Colonel, and begin work on trade contracts.

Her arrival in Dumassas in early 3023 was immediately fraught with difficulties. Initially not terribly impressed with the man who would be her husband, she still accepted the value of his position and command. She early on realized that she need to throw herself into something, and as part of their marriage contract, demanded a squadron of helicopters (or VTOLs) for herself to command as something of a “Homeguard”. Meanwhile, she has been consumed with the wedding preparations and was at least impressed by both the resources at her command, and the companionship she could gain in her introduction to ElĂ©na (De La Vega) Serrate.

On June 15th, 3023, Lady Heather married Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” in a touchingly small and private ceremony at * Landhold : Miguel. Presided over by Mother Olalla Oliveros it followed traditional Victorian standards, and the documents granting trade and personnel exchanges with The Duchy of Horn were officially signed at this time. As part of her “wedding gifts”, she was granted her request of a small command, and given the rank of Captain and control of the defensive Guardian Fighter squadron based from Iron Dog Airfield in * Landhold : Garrison. It’s said the Colonel struggled to use all his tactical and strategic skills to keep up with her all night.

In the time since, she has become the unofficial “matron” of the local landhold, showing her careful breeding as a lady by hosting social events among the local “elite”, as well as being present at every important political endeavor in the district. Professionally, she taken personal charge over the defenses of Iron Dog Airfield Defense Group, raising an infantry force from Dingoes Janissary forces and supported by several anti-air batteries. Lady Heather has also built a series of armored bunkers for the defense of the unit’s VTOLs and spare parts. She is constantly making plans for her little fortress in Garrison.


In late-3030, with the completion of the commercial starport facilities in Garrison, Lady Jemmas organized her garrison forces under the unit moniker, 1st Tactical Air Command, representing her unit’s position as a combined air and land force for the defensive operations of the starport and air control over the nearby landholds around Garrison. This command also deals with local starport security, and the starport’s technicians, mostly Tech (Aero) and Tech (Communications) personnel, fall under its direct command. She was also promoted to full Major, to represent her growing command and position in the local landhold infrastructure.

Lady (Major) Heather Jemmas

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