Lady Siobhan Jemmas

Heir to the Duchy of Horn


Eldest daughter of the Jemmas clan, Siobhan is the older twin to her sister Lady Aletta Jemmas, and heir to the title of Duchy of Horn. A soldier through and through, she leads the elite portion of the Duke’s military force, including his growing air fleet. She is known to have the respect of the realm’s troops and should she ever inherit the title, will likely do so with little difficulty.


Known as the “heart” of the realm, while her twin sister is its “head”, Siobhan is a military woman with little time or attention to being married or anything outside her call as a knight of the realm. She understands she has to eventually deal with that aspect of her calling as the Duke’s daughter, but isn’t too worried about it for the time being.

Strong-willed and headstrong, she is both a skilled shot and a talented pilot.

Lady Siobhan Jemmas

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