Lieutenant JG Dara Gideon

Hot shot pilot of the "Crimson Sands" Dropshuttle


Lieutenant Dara Gideon : Pilot of the “Crimson Sands”

Dara is extremely confident of her skills as a pilot, and she can’t help but brag about them; despite her bravado, she is a natural pilot. She is also a show-off and takes risks she probably shouldn’t.

Dara is a Regular NPC Small Craft Pilot, though she is noted as having a natural aptitude for it.


Dara Gideon is a black-haired, attractive young woman who is a hot-shot, show-off pilot. She was fired from her job as a planetary militia shuttle pilot, for her brash and flippant manner. She then acquired the position of pilot of the “Criomson Sands”, mostly because no one else wanted the task. Although the ship was beloved by both flight crews and pilots of the Marik 405th AeroFighter Wing, the ship was only used for supply runs and the job had neither combat potential, nor any chance for promotion.

Dara is always engaged in fixing the “Crimson Sands” ( “Crimson Sands” ), after its many years of neglect. Once she has finished working on the interior renovations, she intends to engage in system improvements. She is assisted in her efforts by Tech Cobb Usher, a tech from the Iron Dingoes support staff who has experience in AeroSpace operations and has proven a skilled navigator.

Lieutenant JG Dara Gideon

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