Lieutenant SG Jenna Seedar

Medtech Officer


Jenna Seedar is a Regular Med Tech NPC.

Jenna has taken on the lead of the “Dingo Pack” MedTech teams, bowing to Doctor Sid Sutherland and his expertise in some matters, but always making the hard call. She leads her own small team of young paramedics, recently improved with the addition of a young medical student, Tech Isabella Farron.


Jenna is the surviving member of her small medical team, which was savagely eradicated by a handful of troopers from the 6th Marik Militia on Sophie’s World. A young medical student studying at the Universty of Byblos, she was trapped in the fighting on Sophie’s World while visiting friends. She chose to help the warriors, trying to remain neutral, but quickly learned the savagery of combat and had to pick-up a pistol to save her charges, when the position was over-run by the 6th Marik Militia. She learned to use her skills to tend her new friends’ wounds, dragging them from the small skirmishes around the starport into the relatively safe area they had organized for treating the wounded in the starport’s sub-levels. She remained by the bedside of her new friends, while they died from wounds inflicted in the conflict.

Jenna continued helping people throughout the brush war, even if it meant going into combat to do so. Her experience in fire-fights has taught her bullets don’t care whose side you’re on, and so she has learned to hold her own with her automatic pistol. She shows no sign of fear when dodging fire to rescue her potential charges. However, inside the tough exterior of this woman’s heart is a frantic terror which channel’s her actions under fire. Often when the firefight is over, and she’s tended everyone’s wounds, Jenna goes off on her own to weep quietly to herself. Overcome by tremors in her hands, she might require an hour or two to calm herself enough to continue other actions. Jenna remains shy around the members of her team, but maintains her brave and selfless manner in ground combat.

Jenna dons her combat helmet and autopistol, but is always seen with her shoulder bag stuffed with medpacks and a small subspace radio to keep in contact with base to call in retrieval of her charges.

Lieutenant SG Jenna Seedar

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