Captain Jessa Dajus-Marik "Dragonfly"

Spec Ops and Command Officer


Jessa Dajus-Marik is a Veteran Spec Ops NPC, Regular Mecha and Aero Pilot NPC, and a Regular Tech NPC. She has knowledge of tactical and strategic ops on a level above normal, particularly regarding House Marik.

As senior command officer for the Iron Dingoes field operations, she has the wide responsibilities of the unit’s intelligence force, * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, and oversees much of the internal security and research surrounding the unit’s personal technology assets, which includes various actual unique technologies, and some examples of rare LosTech. She is the Colonel’s contact regarding operations for the unit as a whole, and has almost exclusive contact with both him and the command council.

When her command staff are deployed to the field aboard their Mobile Command Post, she remains aboard the “Pandora’s Box” to provide contact with the Support Groups remaining behind. In her absence, Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo” manages the command staff and its Mobile HQ.


Perhaps the most mysterious member of the band, Lieutenant Jessa Dajus-Marik is a former staff officer who acted in the 3rd Marik Militia as Anton’s personal liaison. Although the sharp-looking young woman claims she’s loyal to Anton’s memory, not everyone understands or believes her motivations.

She claims she was after Janos for personal revenge, though she won’t talk about it. She claims to have been a shuttle pilot (and the girl can fly…) when Anton started the revolution, and he placed her in his command staff to better keep touch with his personal regiment, the 3rd Marik Militia. She certainly seemed well-informed of the strategic plans being sent from Anton’s High Command, particularly regarding troop movements and the overall plans of the War.

Few people trust her, especially since she still wears the uniform of Anton’s personal command staff. She rarely carries a weapon openly, unless she knows combat might occur, though she has a hidden hold-out pistol on her at all times. Despite the mistrust surrounding her, she is relatively fair and tolerant of people. She understands she has to work with the crew if she’s to survive. As the years have passed, she has proven loyalty to the Iron Dingoes, and remains, without question, well trusted by the entire command staff, though some other members might have their personal doubts.

She was among the many senior officers who spent the better part of a year in the mines on System – Pilpala, and the time she spent there seems to have affected her, deeply. She has since begun using the image of a turquoise dragonfly as her personal crest, and has acquired the nickname “Dragonfly” in military dispatches.

In recent years, Captain Dajus-Marik has been responsible for organizing the intelligene branch within the Dingoes, * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, which has taken responsibility for intelligence operations in the unit. Much of the force has been taken from “Cerberus Command”, and “Echo” plays a vital role in this organization.

Captain Jessa Dajus-Marik "Dragonfly"

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