Lt SG Candy Dulfer

Veteran Danger Girl and Security Officer


Lt JG Candy Dulfer is a former “Danger Girl”, and a Veteran Security Officer NPC. In addition to her experience as a security trooper and a Danger Girl, she plays a mean saxophone.

Some of the troops have started calling her “Mrs. Robinson” behind her back.


Candy Dulfer is typical among the Danger Girls from System – Heroditus. Having spent her early years as a part-time courtesan and musician, she learned basic small arms combat and security training along with the other Danger Girls and spent a couple years in high-profile, low-danger security work. Boring of that, she and her companions took a position doing more dangerous work with the Iron Dingoes. She has never looked back.

Over the past years, she has proven to be a leader among her troops, and easily slid into the position as head of the Iron Dingoes MP Squads. Tasked with ensuring prisoners are watched and problems between the civilian dependents and military personnel are quiet and calm, she and her handful of troopers work hard. They have stationed themselves aboard the “Star Talon”, and view this vessel as the unit “prison” or holding facility, personal armory and operational office, though they would ideally have their own vessel. Candy has expressed a desire to increase the unit’s numbers until it amounts to a full platoon, as the number of personnel under Dingoes Line units is quite high, and always developing, though the unit’s land-holds have helped reduce dependents travelling on board their ships.

In early 3023, with the rise of the shear number of personnel under the unit’s control, her troopers were increasingly being spread thin, so increasing the numbers of MPs has become an important concept. Dulfer was promoted to full lieutenant (LtSG), and given the opportunity to investigate the personnel under training at Coraz√≥n Airfield for potential recruits to her unit. As a result, she has begun spending more time away from the unit with her partner at Fort Boomerang.

Lt SG Candy Dulfer

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