Captain (Brevet) Abelinda Rivera

Rising Iron Dingoes Officer


Captain (Brevet) Abelinda Rivera is a compact, brash, witty and fairly unshakeable young woman who wants a good life, and the freedom to pursue her own destiny. She also likes to shoot things, so there is that part of her that sees a military life as more than just a job… it’s a paid hobby.

Born to be a mercenary, but trapped by a society that looked down on her genetics, she happily serves in the Iron Dingoes as an officer in their infantry forces. She is a Regular NPC Infantry Officer. In addition to a knowledge of Computers and Administration, she is a bit of a gun-nut, and loves to tear-down any new weapons she comes across. She often assisted Captain Jerri Holden in administration of the unit, during her years of tenure in the Dead Man’s Hand.


Captain (Brevet) Abelinda Rivera was born and raised on System – Dumassas. She went to college and learned accounting, eventually gaining a position in the military as a junior clerk. She served well but found that she wanted more opportunity, but it was something not offered often to women in the Sangrian Military. Combat positions, let alone officer promotions among women on Terramatrix were rare.

When the Iron Dingoes placed a training company with the Presidential Guard for a year, in Contract – Operation : “Show-and-Tell”, she had her chance. Serving initially as a liaison with the unit, she took the opportunity of their hiring, to request a transfer, and after pulling all her marks in, got it.

Captain Rivera quickly rose to the attention of her CO, Captain Jerri Holden, and was promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade, to become the lead officer of the 3rd Militia Platoon, called “The Black Tower”. She worked hard to maintain her position, and led through personal example.

On September 28th, 3024, she was promoted to a rank of Brevet-Captain, and placed as the direct officer responsible for The Unforgiven mercenaries, with a promise that she would be a formal Senior Lieutenant, with a new command of her own upon completion of her service with that group. She presently serves in the Dingoes isolated community of * Landhold : Hellas, where her experience in administration has proven valuable. Later that year, she was assigned a platoon of green, but loyal infantry (the 54th ), to keep a direct eye on the southern border, and give her a personal command force. They are all relatively young, and fiercely loyal to the unit.

Captain (Brevet) Abelinda Rivera

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