Captain Frank Castle

Head of Station Security for "The Factory".


A war veteran, Frank Castle is a master of martial arts, stealth tactics, guerrilla warfare, and a wide variety of weapons. He is considered a Veteran Star Marine NPC Trooper. He once lead a StarGuards squad assigned in the * “The Cerberus Command”, traditionally the unit assigned to the “Pandora’s Box” as guards.

Although loyal to his employers, he constantly questions the Dingoes ability to run a larger organization. In his position as head of Security aboard “The Factory”, he has taken a lead in defensive preparations of “his” station, and sees himself as all that keeps the place from descending into chaos.

Captain Castle is known for his perma-scowl and dismal view on the human spirit. Although somewhat harsh, his management of the new security forces of The Factory are marked by constant training regimes, with an emphasis on 0-G Ops.


Originally hired on System – Heroditus, Frank Castle is a professional soldier, who joined the Dingoes with the intent of travelling and getting paid to do what he loves. His files claim he served in the local defense force on that planet, known as “Lone Star”, but that he left them because of their rampant corruption and inability to halt real crimes.

In the year since, he has participated in several raids on bunkers, DropShips, and even a JumpShip among other locations, and has even engaged in the initial “recon” mission into the System – Cassandra, to investigate the claims the Colonel might have on a chunk of valuable rock, as well as the following scouting mission into The Rock, that led to a great deal of salvage and capture of “The Freedom of the Stars”.

Once the station went active, he was assigned as the head of security of “The Factory”, and has taken an active role in its defensive preparations and hiring new troops. Based on his experience as a marines officer, their training is an important aspect of all security troops under his command.

Captain Frank Castle

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