LtJG Paula "Kaliente" Perez

Junior Militia Officer


LtJG Paula Perez is a junior officer in the Iron Dingoes Militia, 2nd Platoon, “Star’s Reach Militia”. As lead in her troop, she has proven decisive and commanding, leading by example. She is also known as the toughest warrior in her platoon and its best sniper.

LtJG Perez is a Regular NPC Rifle Infantry Officer. In addition to her habits of weight-training and a propensity for larger caliber weapons, she is known as a very capable marksman.

In her platoon, Perez holds the highest rating as a marksman, and has trained most of her platoon to employ sniper rifles. Their marksman skills are one level higher than usual, and many have privately-owned sniper rifles in their barracks. Several in her platoon are former native scouts, with appropriate skills in jungle survival and forward observation.

She has taken the young Scout Abigail Breslin “Winter” as an apprentice under the unit’s contracts, to give her some specific survival and sniper training.


Born to a soldier of the Guardia Civilia in the Sangrian Capital of San Succi, LtJG Perez joined the national military early in her life, in part to escape from a domineering father. LtJG Perez proved to be a capable marksman, often carrying a sniper rifle in addition to her standard gear. She rose through its enlisted ranks, and was considered a lance corporal, but was relegated to non-combat roles typical of Sangrian women in the military.

Early in 3020, she caught the eye of Captain Jerri Holden, and after being offered a place in the unit, quickly resigned her position in the Sangrian military for a shot at leading a platoon of Iron Dingoes Militia. Just before the end of 3020, and the completion of the unit’s contract with the government, she was offered the lead in her platoon, and a commission to LtJG (Lieutenant Junior Grade). She has proven very good as a junior officer, and likely has her eye on a higher grade in time.

During her time between contracts in early-3022, she was given the nickname “Kaliente” by senior command, in reference to her distracting several guards with her feminine wiles, to get information regarding troop movements in the Coraz√≥n Jungle.

LtJG Paula "Kaliente" Perez

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