Lieutenant SG Grant Burke "Sabre"

Former leader of the Bulldog Mercenary Company, Senior Non-Com of Cerberus Command


A veteran of numerous border conflicts and several years of service in House Davion’s Sindar RCT, Lieutenant SG Grant “Sabre” Burke was the lead non-com in the Cerberus Command infantry forces for many years, until his promotion to head local training efforts.

“Sabre” is a Veteran Soldier (Infantry) NPC. He is exceptionally good at his job, and in most other units, might be considered Elite.

Perhaps overly serious at all times, he holds to the adage that knowledge is the most important virtue for a soldier to have. Quick to think on his feet, he spares no one, whatever their rank, with his unbridled opinion, and although having respect for a senior officer’s rank, he doesn’t display such respect unless they served alongside him, or have a proven record of exemplary service.

His aggressive nature makes him seek to toughen men through experience and hard work; flash programs and academy lessons don’t teach you about war unless you’re hip-deep in the fighting. His attitude and experience will go well to helping him train the next generation of soldiers in the Iron Dingoes.


Lieutenant SG Grant Burke or “Sabre” is a popular former member of the Cerberus Command force, a former Master Sergeant and skilled leader of the “Bulldog Mercenary Company”. “Sabre” formed his small command of two Goblin IFVs from the remnants of a group of veteran security personnel seeking employment off-world. He has quickly risen to gain the respect of the troopers of Cerberus Command, and led the unit as its senior non-commissioned officer for many years.

Himself a veteran of various conflicts across the fringes of Capellan space, “Sabre” is a skilled non-com, with years of experience and has proven a capable leader among Cerberus Command’s troopers, serving in Captain Walker McGuires personal security squad, and acting as trainer for most new recruits to the unit. As such, he has gained the respect of every new trooper that has entered the unit, and has had a hand in their recruitment and training.

At present, he is “enjoying” the task of assembling the Iron Dingoes training company, * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, back in the unit’s * Landhold : Garrison, having been promoted to Lieutenant SG in early 3023. Rumor has he might rank higher in a few years, once the facility has proven itself.

In late-3024, he took charge of another round of former conscript soldiers from The Federative Republic of San Marcos, who were introduced to the Iron Dingoes under leash contracts. Amounting to another fourteen (14) platoons of infantry, their integration (primarily as both former combatants, and as they spoke Portuguese almost exclusively) was to prove far more difficult than previous recruitment efforts. Their age, however, typically sixteen to twenty-one, proved a valuable asset into bringing them into the fold.

Lieutenant SG Grant Burke "Sabre"

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