Captain Valentina Masterson "Valentine"

Remnant of the Outback Irregulars


Formerly leader of the Reserve unit, * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, Valentina was promoted to MechWarrior and a permanent position in the Line Mechs of * “The Iron Dingoes”. She was also given a standard PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk to pilot, something more in-line with both her style and Line Mech combat doctrine.

Valentina is considered a Regular NPC Mech Pilot. She has an interest Tactics and above all else, views herself as a professional mercenary. Presently, she pilots a WVR-6R Wolverine, the “Stumbling Buffalo”, one of the oldest Mechs in the unit, dating to its origins.


A beautiful and smart Davion girl once working for the Outback Irregulars, Valentina is stubborn, but is at her heart still a mercenary, loving the thrill of piloting a massive war-machine in combat. She claims to have gained her training in the Filtvelt Acadamy in the Outback, where she was recruited and served with the planetary militia on Eustatius for a tour, before leaving to serve with the Warren Militia for a tour. She was recruited by Brigadier Zane of the Outback Irregulars, and proved her worth after a few years of work in the Davion Outback, enough to take the position of “bodyguard” and pilot a rare STN-3L Sentinel that the unit had acquired in their recent “explorations”. She had been with the unit ever since.

A staunch Davion “traditionalist”, Valentina is a good pilot though she alters her course of thinking very slowly. She is known to take insult easily, but is willing to acknowledge superior pilots with grudging respect. She is willing to adapt her lifestyle to the needs of the moment, however, and originally accepted capture by the Iron Dingoes with a promise of regaining her status as a pilot. She is, after all is said, still a mercenary pilot.

Formerly accepted as a leader in the * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, and support lances among * “The Iron Dingoes”, Valentine has proven a bold warrior, who shows more bravado than expected, often leading with her Mechs in flanking maneuvers and over-running enemy positions, “…to get at the creamy filling, of course…”.

Valentina was promoted to full Captain and given command over * The Blood Raiders, in mid-3023, as a reward for years of loyal service to the unit. She has spent the last months of 3023 fitting the unit out with salvaged equipment, and trying to get the unit training together to fulfill its potential contracts and role as a combined-arms raiding group.

Captain Valentina Masterson "Valentine"

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