Mia Ospina

Heir to the Ospina Fortune


Mia Ospina is the grand-daughter to General Pedro Nel Ospina, and the heir to that family’s large fortune. A student at the San Succi national university, she studies accounting and business management, but is also involved in its once nationally-rated soccer and swimming teams, and operates as her family’s face in its numerous philanthropic endeavors with The Sangrian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences.

In addition to her skill in athletics, she is rather intelligent, but wastes most of it through hard living and in a constant sense of anger towards her father. She utterly adores her grand-father, however, and the former general sees the intelligence and grace in her that just needs focus, and is the reason she is the company’s face in its donations and other charity endeavors. In truth, these efforts have borne fruit, and she is starting to see the value in what her family fortunes can accomplish.

She is also known to be a serial dater, and goes through men (and women) as quickly as she can. She has, however, met something of an enigma in her life, in the form of Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie”, whom she at first seemed to view as a means of getting back at her father, but has suddenly become somewhat infatuated by his intelligence and off behavior. The fact he is a local “bad-boy” in his attachment to the Iron Dingoes, is just icing on the cake.



Ospina Coffee Company : Ospina Coffee, the oldest family-owned coffee company in existence today, was established in The Republic of Sangria, by Don Mariano Ospina Rodríguez in 2843. Ospina Rodríguez was one of the pioneers of coffee growing in Sangria and San Isabel, and began exporting this luxury drink across the constellation and into Davion space.

Today, the company is controlled by General Pedro Nel Ospina, a former general of the Sangrian Army Command, who also controls an extensive series of coffee plantations across The District of Antiquia, and numerous financial investments among the local industries in San Succi, though some have been lost with the recent civil disorder.

The Ospina family remains supportive of the present military coup, backing General Pierre Garza, and is allowed to operate much as it used to, exporting its crop of roasted coffee beans as a bulk good, and through its numerous coffee houses located everywhere in the nation. The Ospina family is considered the wealthiest clan in the nation.

Mia Ospina

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