Major Michael Ruxbondy "Paladin"

Ex-Patriate of House Davion : Former CO of the Iron Dingoes



Attributes Value Bonus Notes
Str 4 0
Bod 4 0
Rfl 4 0
Dex 5 0
Int 7 +1
Wil 5 0
Cha 5 0
Edg 3 -1 x

XP: 19

Standard Damage : 8 (2 x Bod)
Fatigue Damage : 10 (2 x Wil)


Walk (Str + Rfl): 8
Run / Evade (10 + Walk + Run): 20
Sprint (2x Run): 40
Climb (Walk/2 + Climb): 5
Crawl (Walk / 4): 2
Swim (Walk + Swim): 10


Traits TP Dedicated Points to Buy Off Notes
Connections 1
Equipped 2
Natural Aptitude / Strategy 3
Rank / Trooper 2
Reputation 2
Wealth 3
Fast Learner 3 Skills cost 90% normal
Compulsion / Addiction / Gambling -2
Compulsion / Hatred / Capellan Confederation -2
Enemy -2
In for Life -3
Bloodmark -2 25k cbill bounty


Skills Lvl Links TN/C XP
Pilot / Mech 4 Rfl + Dex 8/SA
Gunnery / Mech 3 Rfl + Dex 8/SA
Sensor Ops 1 Int + Wil 8/SA
Communications 1 Int 7/SB
Navigation / Ground 1 Int 7/SB
Tactics / Land 1 Int + Wil 9/CA
Strategy 1 Int + Wil 9/CA
Career / Soldier 3 Int 7/SB
Leadership 3 Wil + Cha 8/SA
Drive / Ground 1 Rfl + Dex 8/SA
Survival / Forest 2 Bod + Int 9/CA
Streetwise / Capellan March 2 Cha 8/CB
Climbing 1 Dex 7/SB
Acrobatics / Freefall 0 Rfl 7/SB
Swimming 2 Str 7/SB
Running 2 Rfl 7/SB
Martial Arts 1 Rfl 7/SB
Small Arms 2 Dex 7/SB
Melee Weapons 1 Dex 7/SB
Support Weapons 1 Dex 7/SB
Cryptography 2 Int + Wil 9/CA
Sec Sys / Elec 1 Dex + Int 9/CA
Sec Sys / Mech 1 Dex + Int 9/CA
Computers 3 Int 8/CB
Stealth 1 Rfl + Int 8/SA
Acting 0 Cha 8/CB
Perception 2 Int 7/SB
Investigation 2 Int + Wil 9/CA
Interrogation 0 Wil + Cha 9/CA
Interest / Gambling 2 Int 8/CB
Interest / Military History 1 Int 8/CB
Interest / Halloran V History 0 Int 8/CB
Protocol / Federated Suns 1 Wil + Cha 9/CA
Protocol / Sangria 0 Wil + Cha 9/CA
Language / German 0 Int + Cha 8/SA Native
Language / English 2 Int + Cha 8/SA


62k C-bills
Engineers PC
Deluxe Toolkit
Auto Pistol (Numba? Nambu?) AP/BD 3B/4 5/25/50/110 12 rounds per clip, 5 clips
Electronic Sec Bypass Kit
Lockpicks (Basic)
Cooling Vest
Datapad re: Spider
200 C-bills of winter gear
Iron Dingoes “Elite” Infantry Field Kit
Deadwood Special “Longhorn” Hunting Rifle with scope AP/BD 5B/6 20/60/160/400 6 rounds per clip, 5 clips -2 to attack rolls
Star League era Infantry outfit
Prison Guard outfit from Pilpala
Sade’s spiral notebook
Office furniture, computer equipment; 500 CBills worth of office decorations, 1000 CBills worth of software
Promissory note for mining (10k)
Medal from Mayor of Garcia x2
Star League Communicator
Sonic Pistol


Michael had always worked hard; from his youth, he had been inducted into the military. One time he attempted Technical College which gave him an edge in Covert Ops, but that was about all that he could expect for a normal life. Living on Halloran V in the Capellan March, he had seen plenty of incursions by the Capellan Confederation.

While at the Technical School, he was prone to engage in games of chance and became fairly adept at them; however they tended to creep into his thoughts, sometimes distracting him from the task at hand. If he could better apply himself and focus, he would surely be far more advanced at his skills. These thoughts of gambling also sometimes distract him when in a brawl, causing him to take a punch the wrong way, causing more pain than it should.

In all, he had learned various lessons, being shown so many doors available in the military, either as a soldier, or some of the higher brass. Sadly, he tried to learn as much as he could, and didn’t focus on a few specialties. As such, he has basic knowledge on a wide range of skills, mostly to do with slipping past people and getting into places where he shouldn’t be.

Before signing on with the 13th Company of the 3rd Marik Militia, he managed to engage in a particularly rewarding game of chance; needless to say, his opponents weren’t impressed with that and demand a chance to win back their money. 8,000 C-bills is no small change to sneeze at.

Ever since being nominated as Major (a position he’s not sure how well he’ll fare at), he’s gotten some rather quick lessons about leading, but still needs more applicable, practical information to do well. He’ll gladly accept ideas for plans from his crew and judge which to use. He needs some experience with negotiations and such, having learned more the grunt side of things rather than the planning side of things.

As the Unit CO, Paladin is the one to make the final “hard” decisions, something he isn’t too comfortable with, but has realized that the Dingoes trust him to act in their best interests. He spends much of his time dealing with paperwork, maintaining relations with the unit “allies”, such as JeriCorp, and the Snow Dusters. He is assisted in administration of the unit by Senior Tech Howard Paderewski, Tech Rima Fakih, and Captain Jessa Dajus-Marik “Dragonfly”. Senior Tech Paderewski serves as something of an executive secretary, maintaining files and paperwork, and assisting in the logistics, keeping track of the hundreds of Dingo personnel and outside contracts. Tech Rima Fakih is his personal assistant, a former model whose appearance belies a skill in administrative matters. LtSG Dajus-Marik is a former staff officer of the 3rd Marik Militia, who has extensive command experience, and often acts as the “mouth” of the Dingoes, directing individuals to the appropriate command officer. Both have proven loyal and capable in their duties.

Relieved at successfully evading Chestine, then retrieving most of the former unit from Pilpala with nominal damages, and more recently with their first professional contract as a mercenary unit defending New Heaven (which endured little loss and much gain), Paladin is gradually acclimatizing to issuing commands, though his “bedside manner” might need some touch-ups. He’s accepted that the other Dingoes have experiences and knowledge which he doesn’t, and he tries to rely on them. He also keeps an eye out for their weaknesses and tries to ensure they don’t arise in the future; that’s proving to be quite a juggling task. His office on the Dingoes Den is sparsely set up, minimally decorated and contains the bare bones necessary regarding crew roster profiles, communications, schedules and the like.

After registering the Dingoes as a mercenary unit and earning a blood mark on everyone, Paladin has come to realize that he’s more naive than he thinks, and intends, to be more mindful about what he says to whom, in the future.

Paladin’s personal tech is Master Tech Thadeus Marakov, who oversees a very capable team of AsTechs. Due to the Master Tech’s position as lead of the Technical units, and particularly its Salvage operations, he is often seen working closely with the Line units. Despite spending much time in the “Blood Rock” looking after spare parts and other maintenance stores for the technical teams, he is based from the “Brush Wolf”, and tends to let his AsTech team deal with day-to-day maintenance issues.

Over the past year, rumors have begun circulating about Major Ruxbundy and Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour”. The two often spar with each other, and recently they have been seen in close-quarters contact with each other over “matters of business”. Nothing has been confirmed. Paladin acts as unit commander from a rare SL-Royal command-version BLR-1G Battlemaster, with MechWarrior Elias Whitlocke “Stargun” as his pilot in the command module. This has allowed him to employ his burgeoning skills in tactics and strategy to give his unit an edge not often seen by mercenary units in the Periphery. Colonel Ruxbundy maintains a small office aboard the “Brush Wolf”, though the bulk of his administrative staff are stationed on the “Blood Rock”.

As the years have passed, the Iron Dingoes continued success has given Paladin more confidence in the troops abilities, strengths and weaknesses. His hesitancy to make tough decisions is gradually diminishing, but can still get flummoxed in certain situations, such as his recent surprise courting and wedding. Personally he has expressed no special interest in a romantic relationship while as an active member of the Dingoes, fully aware that he could leave a widow behind, though really that could happen at any time for any number of reasons. He views the marriage to Lady (Captain) Heather Jemmas as little more than a professional courtesy to a past ally / employer, so much so that it’s doubtful he has even come up with a pet name for her.

Following their two-week honeymoon in The Independent Archipelago of San AndrĂ©s, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Paladin decided to retire from active leadership of the Iron Dingoes, and “retire” to his position as a “Sword of the Realm”, taking control of the unit’s landholds in-system; namely * Landhold : Garrison, * Landhold : Miguel, and “The Factory”. Granted a fine estate north-east of town, he was also given a SDR-5V Spider as a wedding present by the * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. He quickly organized the unit’s * “The Dingoes Muster” at his wife’s suggestion, and officially leads this troop in defense of the unit’s holdings.

Although reduced in rank to that of “Major” with his retirement, most troops and citizens still refer to him as “The Colonel”. As a “Sword of the Realm”, he is also given the title of “Sir” among the local landed citizens.

Major Michael Ruxbondy "Paladin"

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