Captain Mitchell Kitsune "Wraith"

Ex-Patriate of House Kurita : Unit S-3 (Training and Spec Ops)



Compulsive smoker -1
Dependant (sister) -1
Dark secret -3
Enemy -2
In for life -3
Sixth sense 4
Wealth 5
Equipped 3


Gunnery(mech) 4 (Specializing in energy weapons)
Piloting(mech) 3
Driving(g.veh) 1
Piloting(aero) 0

Career(soldier) 1
Small Arms(Lasers) 4
Melee Weapons(Blades) 5
Martial Arts 4
Throw(Blades) 3
Stealth 4
Running 3
Climbing 2
Tracking(urban) 2
Acrobatics(freefall) 1
Acrobatics(gymnastics) 1
Escape Artist 2

Med tech 2
Perception 2
Security sys(electronic) 2
Security sys(mechanical) 0
Training 1
Interest(covert agencies) 0
Interrogation 0
Navigation(ground) 1
Survival(badlands) 2
Cryptography 1
Coms(conventional) 2
Computers 1
Tec-Weapons(small arms) 0

Lang(english) 2
Lang(japanese) 2


Mitch “Wraith” Kitsune is a young ex-patriot from Kurita with a murky past and a young sister Senior Tech Mitsuko Kitsune “Silver Lotus”, of whom he was the sole guardian for many years. Today, however, she has largely gone her own way and there is little in the way of his influence or control over her of late. He keeps his past to himself, and tries to make sure his sister does the same, though it is obvious to everyone that spends more than a little time around them both, that Mitch and Sue have not been Mitch and Sue terribly long.

Mitch excels on his own, but also works well in a team, possibly due to his upbringing in Kurita space, where Duty, along with a personal sense of Honor, have been elevated to an art form. The Kuritan influence is visible in much of what he is and does. His physical skills are very highly developed for someone at this stage in their career, suggesting a lifetime of training. He has a tendency to defer to authority, and a visible discomfort with offering up opinions, though when enthusiastic about his subject, can tend to prattle on. He also has what some consider a profound disdain for the average joe, the peasant, if you will. Growing up in a totalitarian regime will do that to you. The nonchalance with witch he eliminated witnesses during the units initial escape definitely raised some eyebrows, a situation which he is aware of. If you asked him what he considered to be his worst habit, it would be smoking, which he would say only really bites him in the ass on prolonged stealth ops in the field.

Mitch has what many of his unit mates consider a ridiculous amount of equipment. Though he would say most of his gear is small, light and portable, and the rest is necessary for either alternate conditions or longer ops.

Mitch has come by his callsign of “Wraith”, through a great devotion to the Art of the Silent Kill, and is (in his mind) justifiably proud of his prowess as a highly trained special operations operator. A skill set that is unusually highly developed in a trooper still on the low side of 25. Unit rumor has it that before coming to FWL space, he was deep into DEST training back in the Combine. Where these rumors sprung from is anyone’s guess. No one knows why or how he and his sister came to be a part of the FWLM, and they aren’t talking.

Despite his discomfort with being thrust into the role of Recon/Spec ops “Officer”, Mitch is secretly quite pleased with the situation, seeing it as being at least somewhat in control of his own destiny. The extended time in Mechs of late has shown Mitch to be a little mentally troubled by the connection. His hope is, that moving to a more anthropomorphically correct Mech will put this discomfort to rest.

Though enjoying the benefits of a much improved Mech gunnery skill and longer ranged weapons, Mitch is still having difficulties. While no longer having minor psychosis now that he is in a more “human-like” Mech, Mitch is having unexpected difficulty translating his mastery of close combat techniques into his Mech combat. Mitch will be embarking on a new training regimen, training in the most basic of kata, and adjusting forms as needed to work in Mech.

As the Iron Dingoes Unit S-3 (Training and Spec Ops), Wraith has proven very capable. He has organized the training routines for new pilots in the Reserve Lances, and has begun working closely with the officers of the Cerberus Command, the unit’s security unit, in preparation for training potential infantry and armor units when the Iron Dingoes hire recruits to fill those positions.

Wraith is highly protective of his younger sister, Senior Tech Mitsuko Kitsune “Silver Lotus” and while he overlooks her mildly annoying rebellious streaks, is ultimately concerned for her well-being and is considered a dependent. Also, as a result of the “School of Hard Knocks” incident, Mitch and Dame Modesty Scrope “Viper” have become lovers. Although many question her motivations, the two remain an item, and despite local rumor and expectation, their relationship seems to work on some level.

Wraith piloted a slightly modified WVR-6R Wolverine for some time, but now pilots a highly modified BLR-1G Battlemaster, that suits his personal style well. His tech crew is led by the very capable Tech Anna Vansen, though she is assisted by Tech Tanner Carzyn, a knowledgeable technician in his own right. The pair work well together, and are assisted often by whichever AsTech is available at any given moment. The pair have developed an unusual attachment to Wraith in a very short period of time, and among AsTechs, working on Mitch’s Battlemaster seems to be a mark of pleasure.

Captain Mitchell Kitsune "Wraith"

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