Molly Ishikawa

Dependent of Tech Keiko Ishikawa


Molly Ishikawa is still a child, dependent upon her mother Tech Keiko Ishikawa for support and survival. She has no appreciable skills, though has shown a talent for drawing and choosing pleasant color combinations, hinting at an artist’s soul. She has taken a keen interest in her cultural past, and is growing proficient at the Japanese arts of Ikebana and Tea Ceremony. She has displayed an affinity in gardening and plants, often found quietly reading among the crops in The Factory – Hydroponics Facility.


Born in 3015 aboard a Comstar Invader-Class JumpShip during a pirate raid, she lost her father in the same incident. She is dearly loved by her mother, and has become a popular sight around “The Factory”.

“Growing like a weed” is the common appellation regarding Molly.

Molly Ishikawa

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