Captain Pol Baca "Templar"

Unit Civilian Liaison (S-5)


Little is known about the young Trooper Pol Baca, at this time.

Blond, strong and in incredible shape, he is nonetheless tied closely to his slavic roots on a Periphery world, speaking English with a hard accent, and living on vodka when not on duty. Strangely, he and Captain Katie Starling might have a lot in common…

He is daring, and unafraid of throwing himself into danger, and is proving to be a loyal member of the unit, with an insight that belies his age and inexperience. Pol is a Regular MechWarrior Pilot. He pilots an CRK 5003-1 Crockett in the Dire Dingoes Command Lance, as part of the Iron Dingoes Line Mech Force.


Little is known about Pol, except his origins from a distant, Periphery colony. His skills developed well over the years, and he seems to have great potential.

He received an official promotion to full Mechwarrior following the fighting in Ciudad Garcia, in late May, 3021.

In late-3023, he was assigned the position of the unit’s S-5 (Civilian Liaison) in the Iron Dingoes Command Council, and promoted to the rank of full Captain, despite his personal hesitancy.

Captain Pol Baca "Templar"

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