Senior Tech (Intelligence) Sadiya Najeeb

Former Legal Assistant to Massimo "Advocate" De Luca


Senior Tech Sadiya Najeeb is a legal assistant, serving with * “The Dingo Pack”, though formerly reporting to Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate”. In her new calling, she reports to Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” under the intelligence services banner.

She is a Regular Administrator NPC. She is well-trained in Computers, Administration and has earned an fair understanding of Negotiation through her tenure under Advocate.


Joining the unit as a young girl of fourteen, Sadiya Najeeb was granted an apprenticeship by her loving family, hoping she might find a life away from the struggles of colony life. Sadiya grew-up on System – Dunkelheim, the younger daughter of a shopkeeper in the small industrial town of Hebron, with few options except marry into some family and try to be a “good wife”. Her mother, impressed with the charity of the Iron Dingoes towards the locals, through extra rations from their own stores, befriended Massimo, and convinced her husband their daughter had better prospects as an apprentice serving the Iron Dingoes than as the lesser daughter of a poor shopkeeper. She earns a small wage, and in addition to room and board, and had the opportunity to learn a valuable trade, forging her own way.

Senior Tech Sadiya is shy, and still somewhat naive, though she works hard and can read and write both Arabic and English passably, and has expanded her languages whenever possible, to include German, French, Polish, Spanish, and some Portuguese. She has been introduced to Wraith’s sister Senior Tech Mitsuko Kitsune “Silver Lotus” and her coven of friends, but spent most of her time in the Line units associating with the administrative staff and Master Tech Lee Holloway. Today, she lives apart from most of the unit, and has a bevy of friends within the civilian dependents of the unit.

In mid-3024, she was promoted to Senior Tech, and given charge over the accumulated data and files of the Dingoes had captured from various sources. Given a small budget to get her going, she converted an old warehouse over to her needs, and began sorting through the tons of data they have at their disposal. They have labelled this task “Project : Info Salvage”, hoping that somewhere within the reams of information, might be a clue to the mystery surrounding the “689th Quartermasters Corp, SLDF", and of course, more LosTech.

In early-3026, she managed to uncover one important piece of data; the JumpShip holo-prints that had been recovered were regarding vessels being scanned for “military usefulness” before being shipped to a facility in the rim entitled the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”. The exact location of this facility was recovered during exploration operations in 3027, and as of 3028, an operation to explore and recover any remaining assets from the site has been enacted.

She has since been engaged in establishing the information archives uncovered into a long-term storage facility at * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences in the Iron Dingoes landholds. She has since released the majority of her crew to other duties within the Dingoes organization, largely as staff at the War Dogs training facility, but maintains a small, loyal crew of information specialists to assist in her work.

Senior Tech (Intelligence) Sadiya Najeeb

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