Senior Trooper Jack Krauss

Rising potential officer of the Iron Dingo Militia


A local trooper, Senior Trooper Jack Krauss is a native of the System – Dunkelheim who has become a capable small unit leader, and seems slated to rise to a junior officer in the Militia. The troops under him seem to appreciate his leadership.

Senior Trooper Krauss is a Regular NPC Infantry Leader. He serves as lead trooper in the 1st Militia Platoon “Trojan Horses”, of the Iron Dingoes own Militia.


Formerly from the Periphery world of System – Dunkelheim, Senior Trooper Krauss took service with the local bandits, but lost interest in their activities and joined the local planetary resistance soon thereafter. When the Iron Dingoes offered to hire locals to fill-out a new militia force, he enlisted and has quickly risen to prominence in the unit. In time, he might prove himself officer material…

Senior Trooper Jack Krauss

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