Captain (Brevet) Jack Krauss "Forge"

Rising potential officer of the Iron Dingo Militia


A trooper hired from System – Dunkelheim, Captain (Brevet) Jack Krauss who has since become a capable small unit leader, and has risen to the leadership of his own infantry unit.

Captain (Brevet) Krauss is a Veteran NPC Marine Officer. He serves as lead trooper in the 1st Militia Platoon “Trojan Horses”, of * “The Iron Dingoes” Marine Security Group. He is also known for his skill with blades, both smaller daggers and combat knives, as well as boarding sabers. His favorite large combat knife is called “Lucy”. He has been decorated numerous times, but always tends to receive just as many demerits for insubordination, short of striking a superior officer. Nonetheless, he has forged a strong bond with his troopers, and they both trust and respect him when the bullets start to whiz. His troopers gave him the nickname “Forge”.

Krauss was a born warrior but has had difficulty coping with life outside the structure of the military. Though his wife has remained a distant shadow in his mind while he was on deployment, and his trysts are almost legendary, his daughter Rion has never given up on him. His wife serves as a dependent in the unit’s administration, and Rion is a late-year Shadow student, in training to be an officer.


Formerly from the Periphery world of System – Dunkelheim, Captain (Brevet) Krauss took service with the pirates under the so-called “Claim-Jumpers”, but quickly lost interest in their activities and joined the local planetary resistance soon thereafter. When the Iron Dingoes offered to hire locals to fill-out a new militia force, prior to their abandonment of the planet, he enlisted and has quickly risen to prominence in the unit.

In late-3025, he was promoted to the rank of Captain (Brevet), and given command of a mixed force of Iron Dingoes troopers and a long-term Garrison (Cadre) contract with the royal family of The Free-City of Peregrine.

Captain (Brevet) Jack Krauss "Forge"

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