Captain Michael "Mad Mike" Vincent

Lead Officer of Iron Dingoes Security (S-6)


Captain Michael Vincent is an Elite Infantry (Marines) NPC.

In addition, he is a good mechanic, and is capable of leading and training the maintenance routines of the unit’s high tech Iron Dingoes “Voidstar” Marine Combat Field Kits and other unit equipment. He is noted as incredibly loyal to the unit and its Command Council.

He presently controls the entire security arm of the Iron Dingoes, * “The Cerberus Command”. Still a marine at heart, his emphasis on recruitment training is primarily “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”. Physical fitness and skilled martial arts are considered a virtue.


With over 18 years of experience in the Oriente Special Services, Captain Michael Vincent is a veteran of numerous skirmishes. His last duty before leaving his post in Oriente service and becoming a free-agent mercenary, was as a drill instructor. His training in survival techniques was a valuable tool to have in the infantry forces of the 3rd Marik Militia, and so he was hired on as a “free agent” to help bolster their skills. He is well-known as having a tough demeanour, but surprisingly never uses profanity, though he can chew-out a new recruit for 10 minutes running rich in detail and color without either repeating himself or using a single vulgar word.

“Mad Mike” is a veteran infantry leader, and partial to close-in SMGs and similar weapons. His command constantly undergoes an increase in size, as the Iron Dingoes have placed a priority on having as many marines squads available as possible, which leads to constant training and recruitment. There are plans to make all members of the * “The Cerberus Command” infantry trained as ship’s marines.

With the inclusion of large numbers of rifle infantry recruits in 3022, there has been an increasing focus on the infantry arm of the Iron Dingoes. In late-3023, Mad Mike was promoted to unit Security Officer (S-6). Taking charge over all of Cerberus Command, he has placed the training of all infantry along the lines of marines as his primary responsibility. He is based from “Star Talon”, though he keeps offices in Garrison’s fort for administration and logistics.

The recruitment of the 21st Motorized Regiment in 3026 placed a severe crimp in his training operations for several years, but the unit’s isolation and assimilation of the * Duchy of Tharn’s large defensive militia made training an increasing difficulty. Luckily, the unit was largely sedentary during the following years, which allowed him the time to bring all these infantry forces into the Iron Dingoes fold, even though they have widely divergent needs. Continued training of these forces is a constant concern for the captain, and taxes his resources whenever he is in system.

Captain Michael "Mad Mike" Vincent

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