Starlord Cyr Milligan

Ex-Patirate of House Kurita


Starlord Cyr Milligan is a former Colonel of House Kurita, and wanted by that state for “…Crimes Against Humanity…”. In a nation renowned for the Kentares Massacre, that’s saying something. He is reported to be a Veteran NPC BattleMech PIlot, and a very good tactical commander. He is reported to pilot an assault Mech, believed to be an AS7-D Atlas, to great effect.


According to his basic bio, Cyr Milligan was a typical MechWarrior, who rose through the ranks despite having at least one caucaisian parent. Serving initially in the 2nd Legion of Vega, he was given a brevet promotion and assigned to bring several conscripted companies of infantry, armor and cobbled-together Mechs to reinforce the 19th Galedon Regulars on Tabayama, near the Outworld’s Alliance. His demi-battalion rebelled en-route, and commandeering their transport assets, jumped into that Periphery state and began a series of raids across the worlds of the nation, before jumping towards Tortuga. He and his troops have been raiding among the Periphery worlds for parts, water and supplies, seemingly with no plan or reason beyond survival.

Always something of a “dandy”, Milligan has been rather flamboyant, and a fan of both cats and body-modifications, namely his genetically-grown tail. He rarely dresses in the standard black suit of a typical officer, choosing a powder-blue pirate’s suit as his standard uniform. His unit has no standard paint-scheme or uniform, though they have taken to using the pirate theme to their greatest possible extent.

Rumor places Milligan as a self-declared “Starlord”. Little is known of this organization, but membership tends to be fairly exclusive, rating the Starlords as something of a “Gentleman’s Club” among pirates, in an organization known only as “The Brotherhood of the Void”. Although they rarely work together, each “cell” of the Brethren are powerful, independent raiders, who do not raid each other, and meet, on occasion, to plan joint actions. Milligan’s position as a Starlord, however, must be supported by the ownership of some sort of token, recognized by the others.

Cyr Milligan’s unit logo is a stylized cat skull in pastel purple.

Starlord Cyr Milligan

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