Lieutenant JG Isabella Farron "Swan"

Leading Medic


Lieutenant JG Isabella “Bella” Farron is a quiet woman, serving as a Veteran NPC Medical Specialist, under the close, personal attentions of Doctor (Captain) Delphine Young. A naturally-talented paramedic, with training from the Magistracy of Canopus, she has risen quickly through the ranks, and is considered one of its quiet golden stars in the support arm.

In addition to her love of healing and quiet personality, she has developed an interest in rock ballads and learned to play the guitar in her spare time. To all outward appearances, she is a quiet woman who keeps to herself.

In truth, Bella is the newest recruit in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, operating under the code-name Swan". Leading a small medical team, she works as the lead counter-intelligence operative for the Fangs, keeping tabs on any assets from rival organizations and the nations of Terramatrix in “The Factory”. While still rated as a Green NPC Intelligence Agent, she has displayed an ability to quickly assess situations and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.


Born in 3003, “Bella” is the youngest daughter of the noble House Farron, of the Lyran Commonwealth. While most teenage girls might be interested in fashion or boys, Bella has always been interested in books, and has shown an affinity to medical training, seeking to be a paramedic in her advanced education. Shy and somewhat insecure, she had been the “quiet one” in her family for many years, and had shown little interest in sports, music or other similar activities.

However, Bella’s strengths appeared deeper, displayed as a mature, selfless and compassionate concern for others. She puts the feelings and needs of others before herself, and hides her personal fears to keep others “comfortable”.

In 3017, Bella was travelling home after completing her paramedic training in the Magistracy of Canopus, when her Jumpship was attacked and captured by pirates operating out of the Cappellan Marches. She disappeared for a year, though her sister, Baroness Claire Farron “Baroness” eventually traced the pirate’s trail to System – Claybrooke, and found her in a foundry in the town of Deadwood; though she was captured and forced into slave manual labour as a result.

She quickly attached herself to * “The Dingo Pack”, serving as a medic in their Field Medical Group. She served with distinction, and her natural affinity in medical matters quickly rose her to veteran status and lead in one of her own squads, at the young age of seventeen.

Bella spent several years serving in the Iron Dingoes medical groups, but eventually took formal trooper training in 3021-2. Her talents with firearms seemed in contrast to her quiet, placid nature, but she claimed to find a certain peace in studying “gun kata”. She quickly came to the attentions of the unit’s intelligence branch, especially with her abilities regarding calculating and understanding complex matters, and after serving as a consultant with command for a year, was ear-marked for special training under Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour”, along with several other recruits.

In late-3024, she was “officially” recruited into station medical personnel and serves under Doctor (Captain) Delphine Young, ostensibly as a personal assistant in Delphine’s highly skilled medical group. She is also taking courses in advanced medical procedures part-time through the Universidad Nacional de Sangria, San Succi, and is expected to achieve full doctor’s status within a few years.

Lieutenant JG Isabella Farron "Swan"

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