Senior Tech Krista Breslin "BT"

Senior Tech responsible for unit civilian driver assets


Tech Krista Breslin, also sometimes called “BT”, is a mean chick with trust issues. She has some talent behind the wheel, however, and likes to go fast…. very fast.

BT is a Regular Vehicle Driver NPC, though she has a natural aptitude in operating any standard vehicle she’s placed behind the wheel of.

BT was the lead driver of the Iron Dingoes 2nd Driver Squad. She was promoted, however, to be the lead driver for the Line Mech pilots, often driving their various vehicles when required for diplomatic missions and other matters. She has taken the position as Senior Tech overseeing the unit’s civilian driver assets, but answers to Master Tech Grant Brown.

In her off-hours (which tend to be plenty), she helps in vehicle maintenance, and has begun to spend an increasing amount of time with Tech Rima Fakih, her roommate, and the administrative staff.


Little is known about her origins, though she joined the Snow Dusters late in their activities, primarily to protect her little sister, “Winter” ( AsTech Abigail Breslin “Winter” ). She showed a talent behind the wheel early, often using that skill to steal cars and engage in various grafts. When the Snow Dusters decided to follow the Iron Dingoes off-world, however, she tagged along without any delay, dragging her sister with her.

She has since proven skilled at driving, and this raw talent alone has given her a position among the otherwise unskilled dependents, who have been assigned to either AsTech status, or other positions to highlight their talents.

She carries a shotgun, and dresses in fatigues when she needs to (though she prefers black leather jackets and LBDs).

Senior Tech Krista Breslin "BT"

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