Senior Tech Lee Holloway

Lead tech of the Dingoes administrative staff


Senior Tech Lee Holloway is the lead secretary in a small administrative pool serving the support group of * “The Dingo Pack”. Although not initially well-suited for a leadership role, she has experience and can type, take dictation and has developed the administrative wing of the Dingoes techs into a well-oiled machine. Over the past few years, she has risen to the occasion, and leads a very tight, well-organized secretarial staff… though she could still do with a few more to lighten the load.

Holloway is a Veteran Administrative Tech NPC. She has few other known skills, and little interest in other matters, beyond her obsession with guns. She has also taken to instructing the unit’s youth in * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” regarding math and administrative matters, though she readily acknowledges she’s not the best choice for the job.


Senior Tech Lee Holloway is a socially awkward and emotionally sensitive woman, who served as an administrative secretary on System – Claybrooke in one of the major Deadwood foundries. She is capable in an office environment, though prone to typos when hurried and still becomes easily flustered when put under stress. She was not initially the best choice to act as office manager, but seems to have been trying to do her best, and has actually improved to above average skill levels.

Holloway is somewhat submissive, doing whatever tasks she is asked to do. It is rumored she had an affair with one of the senior executives in her foundry that ended badly, and that is mostly why she sought to get away from the site during the raid by the Dingoes; rumor also has it she shot him with his own hold-out pistol.

Holloway is always disheveled and appears somewhat unprofessional, with a military coat thrown over a worn business suit. She carries a large shoulder bag with reams of reports and datapads required for administrative work, and always openly carries an M6D Personal Defense Sidearm in a hip holster. It is rumored she carries several other light hold-out pistols hidden in her bag, at the small of her back, and in a thigh-sheath beneath her skirt. She has become something of a good shot and devotes much of her spare time to their maintenance and practice.

Senior Tech Lee Holloway

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